ANCYL warns of party’s demise

Cape Town - The ANC Youth League has made some astonishing predictions in a discussion document that states that the ANC could one day lose power and be reduced to an opposition party.

According to the Sunday Independent, the document released last week, ahead of its national congress next month, the league asks whether the party will “govern for eternity”.

In answer to its question, the league states ..... “we do not know”.

It asks itself that should the ANC lose power, what do we (the ANC) re-perceive as its role in post-apartheid SA and subsequently that of the ANCYL.

It goes on to ask: “Will the loss of political power be merely a result of the growing disapproval of our mismanagement of public trust or will it also translate into the rejection of our transformative and developmental ideology”.

Nationalisation of mines

In January however, President Jacob Zuma said during a campaign rally that the ANC would rule “forever and ever”. The league however, does not appear to believe this and paints a number of possible scenarios that differ from the ANC’s belief.

Also in the document is the league’s wish to renew the call for nationalisation of mines and for the ANC to bring in internal electoral reforms such as giving every member of the organisation a right to elect and be elected, reports the newspaper.

Meanwhile, in May, the ANCYL issued a statement following the release of election results and made it clear that the ANC’s victory was clearly due to the role young people played.

The league said: “The ANC Youth League profoundly appreciates the role young people have played in determining the positive outcome of the 2014 National and Provincial Elections. We believe that it is through a massive youth vote that the ANC has been returned into power, thus signifying a brighter future for South Africa’s Liberation Movement, the disciplined force of the left - the African National Congress (ANC).

“The youth has once more showed that they are the defenders of the National Democratic Revolution and the apparent inheritors of a better South Africa being created.”

The league went on to say that as the organisation of young people in the ANC, it remains steadfast in its commitment to inject new life and progressive thought into the ANC.

“We shall continue to mobilise young people of South Africa behind the ANC’s vision of a creation of a non-sexist, non-racial, democratic and economically prosperous country, Africa and the world - where in all people have equal access to various opportunities.

It said that the future of South Africa was only safe in the hands of the ANC, “thus it remains our conviction that true economic emancipation of the masses of our people can only take place under a responsible and careful guide of the ANC. All other voices can propose short-cuts and populist views but can put the very fragile democratic gains under threat and can collapse the South African economy”.

MemeMartin 2014/08/24 02:25:20 PM
Zanoxolo Duncan Mbekela 2014/08/24 02:29:59 PM
Everyone knows that ANC will not rule forver, only stupid ppl cannt see that.
Nick Collis 2014/08/24 02:30:07 PM
If Zimbabwe had free and fair elections their liberation party ZANU PF would have been history several elections ago.....why do we feel it couldn't happen here! A breakaway by Cosatu allied to perhaps the EFF is perhaps the governing party in future. It would mirror the MDC 's appeal in Zimbabwe ! The DA would gain growing middle class votes and still have a strong role to play in balancing the political landscape!
Andrew Grieveson 2014/08/24 02:30:50 PM
How you have allowed Zuma to be your leader will be the reasons historians give for the ' Beginning of the End '' . Save your butt and recall him !
Laviva Ka Maviva 2014/08/24 02:33:16 PM
Losing power is the fate of every structure or formation!
Sharlene Meifels 2014/08/24 02:43:58 PM
It will certainly be because of corruption and idiots in current government, no question. Cannot wait to see this happen then perhaps SA will become prosperous and instead of going backwards, progress and emerge as it's about time.
Utopian Indigent 2014/08/24 02:48:14 PM
South Africa still does not understand democracy. All governing parties become corrupt eventually. The purpose of democracy is to regularly vote out the governing party. Until the next party becomes too corrupt, then that party can come back again if the voters are competent. This obsession of ANCYL with either winning or dying, is what is killing our infant democracy. The ANC will not disappear, it will come back when the next government inevitably becomes corrupt. No group of leaders will survive the lure of corruption for more than 10 years, then it is time for a new party to take over, govern cleanly for a while, become corrupt and get voted out for it. That is the only way it works but what ANCYL seems to believe in, is called monarchy - people with certain heritages must stay in power or the world will end. That is NOT a democracy and it will never work - it will eventually meet a violent end. I read now some "scholars" are blaming the parliamentary system for the failure of government - it will not become so corrupt if there is no Parliament. Really, South Africa, get some REAL empirical knowledge and stop the grapevine rubbish. Get this democracy working so that we can become the nation we have the potential to be. Understand human nature and stop making demigods of human beings. Germany even fired their President recently for a small crime; Merkel knows the voters are watching sternly...
Mageba 2014/08/24 02:48:18 PM
The idea of 'governing for eternity' is absurd, unless of course they simply mean in our life time
Venicia Williams 2014/08/24 02:52:13 PM
All the rolemodels inthe ANC have either passed on or long as zuma's there, ANC will continue losing support!
Karl Derek Pearson 2014/08/24 02:54:37 PM
"...responsible and careful guide of the ANC..." as long as you have uneducated greedy rulers and subordinates "Responsible and Careful" will never ever in your wildest dreams be accomplished , and that exactly is the problem of the ANC ...