Action already taken against ‘blackface’ students

Johannesburg - Disciplinary steps have already been taken against two University of Pretoria students who were photographed in ‘blackface’, the university said on Wednesday.

The university has also launched an investigation into the incident. In the photograph, the two young women are seen smeared in dark brown paint and wearing attire meant to be that of domestic workers.
They also have pillows stuffed into their skirts to make their bums look bigger.

"The investigation began yesterday [Tuesday]," UP spokesperson Nicolize Mulder said on Wednesday.

The SA Human Rights Commission said it was not investigating the case as it did not receive a complaint.

"We didn't receive a complaint in this matter, we just learnt about it in the media," said spokesperson Isaac Mangena.

The picture, which had reportedly gone viral on social networking sites, was also published in various on Wednesday.

According to Beeld, the picture was taken at a private 21st birthday party.

Kawasaki1985 2014/08/06 10:55:19 AM
Is it made Racist because we want it to be Racist or is it just Racist ??? Hmmm ... one wonders !?!?!
Tatenda Patience Mlambo-Mahleko 2014/08/06 10:56:21 AM
And this is news because........
Tshaga Tetelo 2014/08/06 10:57:59 AM
Deal with the racists lot and also those who thinks is not
Chris Bester 2014/08/06 10:58:39 AM
You lost your minds!!!
Fanny Mc Pee 2014/08/06 10:58:56 AM
So- the next time I'm in SA and see a black student with his face covered in white paint during rag, I'll also scream for disciplinary steps then?
Andre Du Plessis 2014/08/06 10:59:23 AM
Come on. Dressing up for a party is now racism?
Susan Pretorius 2014/08/06 10:59:23 AM
Must be really hard to feel so inferior just because you are black...I once dressed up as Tina Turner at one of our work functions and our black workers loved it...
Shaun Swart 2014/08/06 10:59:38 AM
Biggest load of crap ever. They were having fun. If I ever see a black person using an afrikaans accent of wearing khaki's for team building or having fun , am I now forced to call the human rights office ? BS !!!!
Cherene Kruger Milton 2014/08/06 10:59:44 AM
Oh my can kids not dress up without now being called racist really SA needs to get over themselves.
Chez Kri 2014/08/06 11:00:13 AM
it's sad that we are still so race sensitive in this country. if black people had painted themselves white would it have caused such a stir? And any way - why? I wouldn't be offended by a black person pretending to be white. We DO look different. Lets just accept that. painting yourself another colour does not mean you are automatically racist? We need to look at the young children who accept race differences and talk openly and casually about it.