AfriForum criticises rights hearings

Johannesburg - The SA Human Rights Commission's (SAHRC) hearings into transformation at universities was biased and not transparent, AfriForum Youth said on Saturday.

"The roleplayers who were involved included one-sided and blatant racist organisations... the hearing involved no minority groups," Henk Maree, AfriForum Youth chairperson said in a statement.

Maree said his organisation questioned the transparency and credibility of the two day long hearing.

"The examples used by the commission to make their conclusions were amongst others, the Reitz incident, a 2008 incident which has been dealt with long ago, the drowning of a first year student at the Potchefstroom campus of the North West University in 2012, in which the probe found no element of race or discrimination, as well as the example of the University of the Free State two students accused of assault," he said.

The case of two UFS students, Cobus Muller and Charl Blom is expected to resume in the Bloemfontein Magistrate's Court on Monday.

Muller faces four charges which include reckless driving, crimen injuria, attempted murder and assault, while Blom faces a charge of assault.

The two allegedly tried to run over fellow-student Muzi Gwebu with their bakkie on the campus in February.

At the same university, four students were accused of duping cleaning staff at their Reitz residence to eat food which had been urinated on which was filmed as part of the residence's initiation process.

The students, RC Malherbe, Johnny Roberts, Schalk van der Merwe and Danie Grobler pleaded guilty to a charge of crimen injuria in July 2010 and were each fined R20 000 or 12 months' in jail.

On appeal, the fines for Van der Merwe and Malherbe were reduced to R10 000 each, while that of Roberts and Grobler were reduced to R15 000 each.

On Thursday and Friday, the SAHRC held hearings on transformation at universities.

The hearing was spurred by a complaint received in 2012 from the Higher Education Transformation Network about the death of a student, Thabang Mokhoang, at an orientation programme at the North West University. He drowned in a campus swimming pool. The commission was asked to determine what role discrimination had played in Mokhoang's death.

The commission said there had been a spike in racism-related incidents in South Africa, particularly at universities, with over 500 cases being reported to the commission in the past year.

In the 2013/14 financial year, 45% of the commission's complaints were race-related.

The commission's spokesperson Isaac Mangena said AfriForum Youth had "jumped the gun".

"We expected that those who are against transformation will talk down such a noble process," Mangena said.

"The hearings were not about groups but about the institutions. In our next batch of hearings, other stakeholders such as student and youth organisations such as AfriForum Youth will be invited," he said.

"We stand by our hearings. AfriForum Youth should be coming up with ways to ensure that the future is about co-existence between blacks and whites."

David van Tonder 2014/08/02 05:09:41 PM
AfriForum could have made some very usefull contributions to these hearings such as " No we are not racist, we just dislike blacks and as soon as Steve Hofemeyer and the boeremag gets their eiestaat we are out of here"
John Greystoke 2014/08/02 05:17:41 PM
They will transform universities to the same level that schools were transformed to - 30 per-centers. RSA is fast becoming a 30 percent country. Are the hatred for white competence so great that they want to destroy everything that works, because competent 'whites' are involved? Perhaps they should employ consultants to think for them!
Bongeka 2014/08/02 05:33:31 PM
I see this article atracting racially based comments. The race issue is a very thorny and sensitive issue in SA. I think the government put majors like BEE and the rest of all other majors just to remedy the imbalances of the past. But things sometimes go wrong during the implimantation process and the resistance by other groups who just don't want to let it go.
TrueBlue 2014/08/02 05:41:50 PM
As soon as an action is described as noble when the intent is to exclude on basis of race, it becomes ignoble. That would be like Verwoerd saying that apartheid was noble. Correcting imbalances of the past is one thing, but when transformation is used in a country with a failing education system, where many of beneficiaries competed equally with their white classmates and the number of universities has been reduced, it is not noble. It's admitting failure on part of the ANC that their ideology, their policies and their obsession with race are not working for the benefit of all South Africans.
Boitumelo Monareng 2014/08/02 05:55:54 PM
everytime i hear the word "Afriforum"i just *yawn*
Boitumelo Monareng 2014/08/02 05:56:13 PM
everytime i hear the word "Afriforum"i just *yawn*
Dennis van Aarde 2014/08/02 05:58:19 PM
Think of ZIMS how it was destroyed piece by piece it is for sure now zimbabwe ruins
Nico de Jongh 2014/08/02 06:12:08 PM
Co-exist with BEE implies a forced existence .. and as long as B for black is used, racism will remain. full stop.
Boitumelo Monareng 2014/08/02 06:20:06 PM
i wish there was a cure for racism,honestly i dnt think that white ppl are racist on purpose,i just feel that its in them,they are born with hatred,its in their blood,we tried to change them bt we have failed.
Prego George 2014/08/02 06:31:07 PM
Meanwhile they keep on with initiation schools, burning down everything when they dont pass, or get it for free. Can we get statistics on the bursaries awarded to black students and the pass rate. At Madiba funeral they had this primitive bees slag and banned all media. They have a culture and they dont even bother to stand back and think about others.