Amcu calls for peace after murder

Johannesburg - The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) on Tuesday called for peace in the North West platinum belt following the murder of its branch secretary.

"We are not a violent union and will not encourage people to take the law into their own hands," Amcu leader Joseph Mathunjwa told reporters in Johannesburg.

"As such we plead with all our members to allow law enforcement agencies to conduct their investigations and hold those responsible to justice."

NUM resolution

Mathunjwa claimed Bongani "Bhayi" Mehlonkomo was killed two weeks after the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) "resolved to incite" its members to fight against Amcu members.

"This clandestine resolution and pronouncement conveniently coincided with the murder of our branch secretary in Rustenburg two weeks later.

"We cannot help notice without apportioning blame that such utterances opportunistically preceded the killing of our leader in Rustenburg by an organised hit squad," said Mathunjwa.

He called on the NUM to retract the statement, saying it was likely to spread further violence in the mining sector.

Mehlonkomo was shot dead on 23 July in Wonderkop near Marikana.

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Anton Van Schalkwyk 2014/08/05 12:18:26 PM
Amcu? Peaceful? Kwaaaaaaaaaa!!!
David Van Schalkwyk 2014/08/05 12:22:13 PM
"We are not a violent union" NNNNOOOOO Never.... Who you trying to fool???
Freedom Gama 2014/08/05 12:22:18 PM
AMCU for the people , workers have gained a lot through AMCU, no doubt about that
Made-In SA 2014/08/05 12:28:09 PM
South Africa wont be free of violence soon.Violence serves the interest of the leaders,be it union leaders,taxi bosses or gangsters.It is all about the money.That is why you see union against union,taxi association against taxi association and gang against gang.Whoever ends up at the top,makes the most money.We don't have moral fibre.How can we, with a president that is the Corruptor in Chief?
Stephanes Heunis 2014/08/05 12:32:41 PM
JA NE!!!!!!!
Laurence Weyers 2014/08/05 01:06:23 PM
Not only did they shoot themselves in the foot, they forgot to take their foot out of thei mouth first
Mandla Mbekwa Dlomo 2014/08/05 01:40:23 PM
Well said Mathunjwa.
Zilindile Gagule 2014/08/05 01:46:41 PM
Waw iam not surprised Mr Mathunjwa,as i knew Num from long ago NUM was used by Apartheid regime now is used by our own government to destruct our brothers and sisters in mining,Frans Baleni should have to be called to explain his leadership at Num.NUM is used by ANC government under Jacob Zuma.
Mpho Modiba Alphy 2014/08/05 01:57:13 PM
joseph mathunjwa and his union is likened to eff n juju wen eva yo hear of those names yo only srr trouble
Mpho Modiba Alphy 2014/08/05 01:57:41 PM
joseph mathunjwa and his union is likened to eff n juju wen eva yo hear of those names yo only see trouble