Another delay in Yengeni drunken driving case

Cape Town - The drunken driving case against African National Congress national executive committee member Tony Yengeni was postponed again on Tuesday.

He appeared in the Cape District Court before magistrate Nasha Banwari who extended his R500 bail and postponed the case to 5 September.

On 3 June the case was postponed for the defence to submit written representations to the prosecuting authorities for the withdrawal of the charges.

At Tuesday's proceedings, attorney Waheed Badrodien said representations had not yet been submitted, and could not until more details of the charges had been furnished by prosecutor Adiel Jansen.

Badrodien said he had received details, but additional information was needed for a private forensic expert to complete a report.

The expert's report would accompany the representations, he said.

Not yet pleaded

Yengeni had not yet pleaded to charges of drunken driving and reckless and negligent driving.

As an alternative to the drunken driving charge, Yengeni is alleged to have driven with a blood-alcohol level of 0.25%, five times the legal limit of 0.05.

Yengeni was arrested in August last year after City of Cape Town law enforcement officials saw him allegedly driving his Maserati erratically in the Cape Town CBD.

Police later released him on bail and warned him to make his first court appearance on 4 March this year. In a statement issued after his arrest the city's safety and security mayoral committee member JP Smith said Yengeni had been one of 52 people arrested during a weekend operation.

Smith alleged that at least one of Yengeni's car number plates was missing at the time.

He said a screening device indicated that Yengeni was substantially over the blood alcohol level.

For this reason Yengeni was taken to the "shadow centre" for a blood sample to be taken and sent to a lab for analysis.

In 2007 Yengeni was arrested in Goodwood Cape Town on a charge of drunken driving but was found not guilty.

Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/12 02:48:09 PM
Any more surprises. Every single court case has delays, postponements etc etc. How are we the public to believe that justice is being served. Before we know it this drunken Bstd will be out on the roads again and it might just be one of us who is hurt or worse. Get on with it and put him away to rot.
Roger Williams 2014/08/12 02:55:03 PM
Delay deny delay deny delay deny delay deny. Then maybe the problem will go away !
Cina 2014/08/12 03:36:39 PM
And one year later and nothing has happened as yet. How much longer will this carry on I suppose till we the people has forgotten about it.
Shaun Moore 2014/08/12 03:40:09 PM
The South African justice system is a joke!
Frank Jordaan 2014/08/12 03:54:40 PM
Just another useless untouchable who believes that the law does not apply to him.The corrupt bastard should have still been in jail but obviously has the right connections. What is the difference between the goverment and jail? There are more criminals in parliament than behind bars!
CliveK 2014/08/12 04:00:02 PM
Deliberate procrastination - a la Zuma.
Erenst Roodt 2014/08/12 04:17:07 PM
I would like to be a African National Congress national executive committee member! Then I too can afford a Masserati!
Khutso Bokaba 2014/08/12 04:24:32 PM
The justice system favors the rich... As always
Benjamin Katane 2014/08/12 04:38:51 PM
I wish i was well known so that i can do wrong things and came free without punishement from law like him thanks to our country and its people Im pist off.
Benjamin Katane 2014/08/12 04:38:52 PM
I wish i was well known so that i can do wrong things and came free without punishement from law like him thanks to our country and its people Im pist off.