Baby awaits surgery after rat attack

Johannesburg - A 1-month-old baby whose three fingers and part of a nose were eaten by rats in Alexandra, Johannesburg is awaiting surgery as her family cannot afford it, The New Age reported on Wednesday.

The rats attacked Erena Yekanyi at her home last Monday.

"I was washing outside while Erena was sleeping inside the house. I heard her cry and when I ran into the house, I found her covered in blood," the baby's mother, Thandaza reportedly said.

The baby would continue to await reconstructive surgery at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital until her mother was able to raise funds for the procedure.

The attack was not the first in the township, according to the report.

Children and the elderly have reportedly been killed in their sleep by rodents that are said to be larger than normal rats.

City of Johannesburg spokesperson Nkosinathi Nkabinde told the newspaper that informal settlements were prone to rat infestation due to the improper handling of domestic waste.

He said that the city had implemented various strategies to eradicate the problem.

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Raeez Omar 2014/08/27 08:31:42 AM
WTF? Sad for the poor baby. No Comment about the Rat situation...
Violetta Ellapen 2014/08/27 08:32:28 AM
It's a government hospital why aren't they doing the procedure
Shayne Ronald Barker 2014/08/27 08:38:09 AM
Im sorry but something not adding up here. A baby will immediately cry after the first bite or at most the second. How long will it take rats to eat three fingers and part of the nose? How long does it take to stop what you doing and attend to your child?
Daisy Jones 2014/08/27 08:38:11 AM
The government needs to donate money for the surgery of this child. I want my tax money to go towards this baby.
Steven Bresler 2014/08/27 08:38:33 AM
Take note Mr Zuma!
Tsheko Machete 2014/08/27 08:39:49 AM
What a shame. Wishing him/her a speedy recovery
SunshinyDay 2014/08/27 08:41:47 AM
Um, correct me if I am wrong, but don't our taxes cover these sorts of things? After all, she is in a PUBLIC hospital?
Johan Van Der Vyver 2014/08/27 08:42:51 AM
What is the ANC doing for this country besides enriching certain people
Belinda Cooper 2014/08/27 08:44:36 AM
This is so sad... The poor child...
Bonnie Cape 2014/08/27 08:46:05 AM
This really, unmitigatedly pisses me off. Yet we build a swimming pool, visitors' centre, amphitheatre, cattle kraal, marquee area, extensive paving, and new houses for relatives at Nkandla. These b#stards need to get their priorities straight!