Boy appears after axe attack

Johannesburg - A 17-year-old boy appeared in the Mkobola Magistrate's Court in Kwaggafontein on Monday for allegedly trying to kill his two uncles with an axe, Mpumalanga police said.

His case was postponed to 25 August and he would remain in police custody, said Brigadier Selvy Mohlala. He faces two charges of attempted murder.

"[He] went into the room where his uncles were sleeping and attacked them with an axe," said Mohlala.

They sustained serious head injuries during the attack in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The boy's father was reportedly woken by the noise and went to investigate. He tried to calm his son down, but the boy became more violent. The father used his licensed firearm to shoot the boy in the leg and stop him.

The boy and the uncles were taken to hospital. The teenager was discharged while the uncles were in a critical condition.

"A case of attempted murder was also opened against the father, but the docket will be sent to the public prosecutor for a decision," Mohlala said.

Several hours before the attack, police were called to the family home as the boy had been hostile. The family said they suspected he was mentally unstable, said Mohlala.

"While the police were still at the house, the two uncles arrived as they were also called to come and assist," said Mohlala.

The uncles had told police they would seek traditional help for the boy the next day.

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Sesame Macala 2014/08/18 11:31:29 PM
Please lord protect us from killers & their lawyer[that is government] who protect & allow them to kill as many people as they can
Tiaan de Witt 2014/08/19 05:06:22 AM
Please someone tell this boy zuma is also his uncle and give him a bigger axe lol
Anthoula Joshua 2014/08/19 06:13:19 AM
Maybe they should put everyone on happy pills in South Africa. So that we can all just chill and smile at each other. Maybe that is the solution to calm people down. We have a lot of mental instability in this country. Then what has a 17 year old seen and been exposed to over the past 17 years. Maybe happy pills for Boko Haram and ISIS too. No more killing.
Betsie Callan Ackerman 2014/08/19 08:39:24 AM
Mental illness or drugs? I wonder. What a savage people we have become!
Julie Koekemoer 2014/08/19 09:38:01 AM
"Boy appears after axe attack" Sounds like a magic trick. I remember when headlines where sharp and sometimes witty. Now, instead of intriguing me to read more about it, I am forced to read the article just to understand the headline.
Jenny Anderson 2014/08/19 10:56:17 AM
Maybe drug and booze related, still no excuse