Boy wounded in Westbury shooting dies

Johannesburg - A 3-year-old boy who was caught in the crossfire of a shooting in Westbury, Johannesburg, has died in hospital, Gauteng police said on Friday.

"He died just after midday. The hospital has confirmed that," said police spokesperson Gordon Billing.

Luke Tibbetts, aged 3, had been on life support machines in hospital since the shooting on Saturday evening.

The boy and another man were travelling in the area in different vehicles when they were hit by stray bullets.

They were taken to nearby hospitals.

The man, Keenan Mokwena, 28, was shot in his right arm and was treated and discharged. Mokwena was later arrested for the shooting, and now faces charges alongside Lindray Khakhu, 24.

"The attempted murder charge will be converted to murder," said Billing.

The two will appear in court again later this month.

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Musiiwa Sharon Khwerana 2014/08/08 02:51:30 PM
may his soul rest in peace..
Graeme Musto 2014/08/08 02:57:11 PM
No bail, let life in jail be LIFE
Marie de la Rey 2014/08/08 02:57:49 PM
Ag shame so unnecessary - I feel for his parents and loved ones. So sad!
Azana Booi 2014/08/08 02:58:48 PM
A 3year old angel..may he Rest in Eternal Peace.
Sentle Innocent 2014/08/08 03:04:43 PM
RIP young lion da world was never a better place 4 u..u r @ de better one now..
Rekha Pallad 2014/08/08 03:08:35 PM
Bring bac the Death Penalty.... Rest in peace little Angel
Trudie Sieberhagen 2014/08/08 03:09:59 PM
This is sad beyond words our children raped, murdered ,abused really It’s time we force action for these crimes and the punishment should fit the crime
Elliot Meyer 2014/08/08 03:10:03 PM
Time to make an example of these criminals
Chris May 2014/08/08 03:16:33 PM
Young Luke, be safe and free. South Africa wraps her arms around your family and friends, ok?
Craig Petzer 2014/08/08 03:17:03 PM
RIP Little man.