Buildings evacuated after strong tremor

Johannesburg - Roughly a minute-long earth tremor was felt in various parts of the country including Sapa's offices in Greenside, Johannesburg, after midday on Tuesday.

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Sapa's building shook and pictures and computers rattled during the extended tremor.

Sapa's reporter in Durban said the tremor was felt there too and people went out to the streets.

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At Durban Bay House, one of the tallest buildings in the city, people had evacuated the building.

People immediately took to social media to report it.

"Who else just felt the earthquake. That was a crazy... tremor," said Johannesburg resident Adrian Patrick on Facebook.

"Here in Durban too," responded Byron David.

Citizens from Johannesburg to KwaZulu-Natal, North West, and Cape Town reported feeling the tremor.

Reports of buildings being evacuated in Johannesburg, Umhlanga, and other cities were also being reported on Twitter.

The SA Weather Service and the Council for Geosciences could not immediately be reached for details on the tremor.

Jack "King" Tig 2014/08/05 01:18:21 PM
I repeat. Matthew 24. He is coming again
kalabafazi 2014/08/05 01:19:59 PM
I think I should evacuate my building. Sounds like a reasonably good excuse to take the afternoon off.
Mc Apple 2014/08/05 01:20:03 PM
"The SA Weather Service and the Council for Geosciences could not immediately be reached for details on the tremor." Wait a minute.....
Fred Mud395 2014/08/05 01:20:44 PM
I felt it here in the Eastern Free State QWAQWA
hpoirot 2014/08/05 01:20:54 PM
God is losing his patience with South Africa
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/05 01:21:13 PM
Right the ancestors have spoken. Tremor originated in Orkney apparently. was widespread. Yes, it was definitely the Ancestors:):)
BraSteve Myaluze 2014/08/05 01:24:14 PM
Someone please tell Khulubuse to stop running around
Sihle Nyamezela Wethu Motaung 2014/08/05 01:24:45 PM
KZN Jesus we are living in the last days
Lima 2014/08/05 01:26:21 PM
Zuma dropped his wallet!
Johannes Smid 2014/08/05 01:26:51 PM
Felt nothing here in PE. :)