Cape protesters stone motorists

Johannesburg - Protesters in Kwanonqaba in Mossel Bay threw stones at motorists during a protest over electricity connections on Thursday morning, Western Cape police said.

"There were sporadic incidents of stone throwing, but we intervened and it has calmed down now," said police spokesperson Malcolm Pojie.

"There is police visibility in the area to maintain order."

No injuries were reported.

Hundreds of residents have been protesting since Sunday over the disconnection of electricity. Roads have been barricaded, tyres burnt, and shops looted.

Police said 34 people were arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday for public violence and looting.

A municipal building, situated next to the police station, was also set alight.

At the time, Pojie said protesters tried to burn down the station, but police prevented it.

Protesters threw petrol bombs at police, who fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

There were no reports of injuries.

Pojie told Sapa the 34 appeared in Mossel Bay Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

"They were released on a warning and told to reappear on 14 September," he said.

On Wednesday, Eyewitness News reported that the Mossel Bay municipality had agreed to reconnect illegal electricity in Kwanonqaba after three days of protests.

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Made-In SA 2014/08/14 02:02:17 PM
This is the reason why municipalities owe Eskom R10 Billion.This is the reason why your electricity bill goes up every year.You pay for the freeloaders
Neil van Heerden 2014/08/14 02:02:24 PM
Look at the photo.. And they still say they are civilised?
Andrew Gordon 2014/08/14 02:04:34 PM
Yes. We did something illegal by effectively stealing for electricity, then we had it taken away (because it's illegal) and now we try to hurt those who do have it in response. Some people should not be allowed to breed,
LMAK 2014/08/14 02:07:24 PM
Rocky Bell 2014/08/14 02:08:55 PM
You throw stone at me, me throw 9mm 'stone' at you. Try me!!
Paul Gevers 2014/08/14 02:13:00 PM
What a bunch of nitwits - sadly nothing can be done as they are halo'ed beings...
sandimzilikazi 2014/08/14 02:13:02 PM
why were they throwing stones at motorist though! and this> "Mossel Bay municipality had agreed to reconnect illegal electricity in Kwanonqaba after three days of protests." doesn't sound right
Puliies Jacob Rogers 2014/08/14 02:13:07 PM
Man, what a bunch of backward thinking idiots.
Drohan van den Berg 2014/08/14 02:16:51 PM
WTF, and they are allowed to vote? If I kill someone and there are enough striking for my release, will I be released? Illegal is illegal and striking does jot make it legal. Then they let them go on warnings, after they attempt to kill motorists? Lock them up. If you travel on the highway ar 120 and someone throws a stone at your vehicle. It will kill the driver or occupants. Shoot them they are trying to kill innocent people. Look at the picture, the guy driving past them, what has he done to them? Why attack him?
Cbooseesaw 2014/08/14 02:18:19 PM
Ok f***k it, I am arranging a protest to protest against all this blimen violent protests!!!!!!