Cape residents brave rain for protest

Cape Town - Despite a heavy rainstorm, around 1 000 Grabouw residents took part in a service delivery protest and marched to the offices of the Theewaterskloof municipality on Wednesday.

They handed over a list of grievances to Deputy Mayor Mlulami Tshaka and town manager Anton Liebenberg.

The protest was organised by the Grabouw Civic Organisation (GCO) with support from the Western Cape ANC, SA Communist Party, and the Ses'Khona People's Rights Movement (SPRM).

"We have been waiting for 20 years now for an improvement in services. Houses that have been promised in some areas have not been built and those that have been completed are of such poor quality they now have to be repaired. Even that is taking too long," said Margaret le Roux of the GCO.

"Other grievances included a poor and expensive electricity supply and bad road conditions. Our roads are full of potholes and nothing is being done about it," she said.

Expelled former Cape Town councillor and leader of the SPRM, Andile Lili, said his organisation had been active in Grabouw and the Theewaterskloof area for a few weeks now and were at the scene to show support for the GCO.

"We have set our sights on the rural areas and have started recruiting more members in areas such as Grabouw, others towns in the Theewaterskloof and the Hermanus and De Doorns areas," Lili said.

Barry Mitchell, second deputy provincial secretary of the SA Communist Party, told the protesters there would be no time to rest from now until the 2016 municipal elections.

"We need to work together and bring the municipalities back into ANC hands," he said.

A platoon of the SA Police Service public order policing unit in Paarl was sent to Grabouw on Tuesday night and on Wednesday morning.

They stepped in when rocks were piled and tyres set alight on several roads in the Pineview area. A second platoon was sent to help.

The Pineview north entrance to Grabouw from the N2 was blocked until the protesters dispersed around noon.

Le Roux announced that ANC Western Cape leader Marius Fransman would visit the ANC office in Grabouw later in the afternoon to show support and receive a copy of the list of grievances.

kalabafazi 2014/08/20 03:32:07 PM
We can conclude that the rain most likely saved a few buildings from being burnt down
Akhenaten 2014/08/20 03:44:44 PM
Those of the Eastern Cape who did not settle in Kyalitsha did so in Grabouw. The same lot who had no services in the Eastern Cape and expected houses and toilets upon arrival - the poo people. You wont get anywhere with your campaign to swing the W. Cape vote. In fact, the W. Cape people don't want you here.
Steven Francisco 2014/08/20 03:57:41 PM
If they can gather a 1000 people to march in this weather why dont they all help build a house when the sun is out instead if waiting for someone to give them something
Drick Zaal 2014/08/20 04:10:56 PM
One thousand and one hooligans !
John-Phillip Saayman 2014/08/20 04:29:49 PM
Great idea. They can build quite a few
Phillip Andrews 2014/08/20 04:41:22 PM
How stupid can some people be you complain about things for instance bad roads but you light tyres on tar roads now that is stupid of cause their will be potholes I know their is bad roads but how do the damage to the roads what do you think from who's pocket do it come from it comes from the tax payer just have a look people moan about everything these days the economy take the biggest hit when people start protest but no they don't worry they want their demands and what about food price's do you really think it will come down with all these strikes and protests , every time theirs moans about service delivery why do not help each other and stop blaming one party or some people do not doing their jobs , look around you and ask what do I do to help make it a better place or area to live in and stop braking things . I read one of the complaints or comment I mean who stupid can you be to said that the rain saved some places to be burn down why do we have to do this why burn something down because you did not pay or help build it now you want to burn it down from my point of view that's really stupid man because you burn it down and tomorrow you protest about a new building that is rebuild but in the mean time is that build that was burn down or sabotaged. The house people complaining about look at the old Pineview next to Groenberg high school that house is so old it look like it fall apart and now people come from where ever and come and demand house I don't think that's wise.
Gregory Jaftha 2014/08/20 05:44:32 PM
All these protestors are not even from the western cape,no person born in a area while damage their own area,if people don't like cpt or the Wc,they free to go home in the buses they came on,Wc work for what we want,we don't sit on corners and loaf
Richard Nieckau 2014/08/20 06:05:51 PM
They expect everything but give very little. What to stop them getting together and filling potholes themselves? Of course, when they are promised free everything and have little education, its akin to potholes in the brain. Really poor folks.
Mpho Mongwaketsi 2014/08/20 06:25:35 PM
Well this should provide a great opportunity for the DA to provide quality service delivery & cut the Chancers short on their tracks, also win over the Grabouw community. The problem has been brought to light, how will the provincial government respond to the matter? Curious