Car crash causes Gautrain disruption

Johannesburg - The Gautrain train service was disrupted on Friday morning when a car crashed into an Eskom pylon, Gautrain operator Bombela Concession Company said.

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"It appears that the origin of the problem was a road vehicle which crashed into an Eskom pylon causing it to drop one of its lines across the Gautrain alignment," said Bombela spokesperson Errol Braithwaite.

"Gautrain train services to the airport, and between Marlboro and the Johannesburg CBD, have been interrupted due to an Eskom cable which broke and fell across the Gautrain alignment near to Marlboro station."

This resulted in a loss of traction power to the trains.

Braithwaite said no trains were stuck in tunnels and only one train was stranded near the Marlboro station.

"The affected passengers were safely disembarked and led back to Marlboro station.

"As of... 08:45, the Eskom cable had been removed and Gautrain technicians were progressing with safety and damage checks with a view to re-opening services as soon as possible."

He said buses were deployed to ferry Gautrain passengers between the affected stations as there were widespread delays.

"As a consequence passengers are advised to make alternative commuting arrangements if at all possible," he said.

"In the meantime, all Gautrain fare gates have been opened so no passengers will be paying for any services while the situation persists."

- Update: services are operating normally again.

Jamill Ahmed 2014-08-29 11:42:56 AM
Next time secure the pylon with a concrete barrier simple and easy
Martin Pienaar 2014-08-29 12:52:39 PM
2 Hours outside on the coldest day of the year at Marlboro station.... NOT Lekker!
Rebecca Tung 2014-08-29 01:30:14 PM
Well I got stuck at Park Station yesterday after proclaimed "power" issues in Midrand, also seeing an power-out train in Rosebank... The resulting crowd was a mess. Queues to exit the stations, being asked to leave a train, change of platforms, people being squeezed to the door...