Celebrate women's month - commission

Johannesburg - The Commission for Gender Equality on Thursday called on South Africans to celebrate Women's Month in August.

"The struggle continues for women's emancipation and empowerment even in the post-apartheid era due to persistent structural impediments in the way of gender equality," spokesperson Javu Baloyi said in a statement.

The public were encouraged to celebrate South Africa's achievements and commitment to gender equality.

In a recent report, the commission found that maternal mortality rates remained unacceptably high due to poor dissemination of vital information on family planning, nutrition, sanitation, access to contraceptives, antenatal and prenatal health care services.

"This is often compounded by limited knowledge of the health care services freely available in the public service."

The commission was eager to see education of girls boosted to delay first pregnancy and empower women to claim their right to make decisions regarding reproductive health.

Andre Jacobs 2014/08/01 09:04:14 AM
"The public were encouraged to celebrate South Africa's achievements and commitment to gender equality." Yes and let us keep it that way--unlike the ease lamic countries denying women equal rights and human rights and practising women torture and genital mutilation as to control them. Let the president and other think twice before they blindly support those nations and so strengthen their drive to subvert this world. Women can be thankful that they are in this relatively free country with a constitution protecting their rights and that they are not part of a system practising gender inequality.
Wotnext 2014/08/01 09:05:27 AM
"Celebrate women's month." Is that an order? If there were something to celebrate, people would celebrate. When will this simple fact penetrate the craniums of the powers-that-be?
Andre Jacobs 2014/08/01 09:17:32 AM
A 'nation' not respecting their women folk and not appreciating the tremendous contribution they make to uplift a country and to guide the children in a sound family environment, can't be called a nation. You can call it a divided nation then like what Apartheid was--denying another 'group' the right to full existence. I dare say that nations not following this recipe for gender equality are also not happy nations and is in constant inbalance with reality and what this world can offer. If you don't create gender equality then the oppressed will walk around with a dark dangerous grudge lurking inside.
Pablo How 2014/08/01 09:28:47 AM
Right on. Women are more oppressed that the 'previously disadvantaged' are. In fact, the 'previously disadvantaged' oppress women more than anyone else ever did; and it's primarily in the area of 'reproductive health'. Genders are not equal. Women are special - they can bear children - and this makes a big difference that has to be addressed directly. Men must somehow be gotten to stop having indiscriminate and irresponsible sex; not stop having sex, stop having irresponsible sex and leaving the woman carrying the baby. Don't waste time with 'structural impediment' leftist idealistic garbage the impediments are by far not structural. Structural is definitive, the impediments are in the minds and behaviour of most men, and in my unscientific observations, mostly 'previously disadvantaged' men.
Hazy Skilo 2014/08/01 09:53:55 AM
i don't remember an article in a july month encouraging ppl to celebrate men's month,why should i celebrate women's month.i would rather celebrate human life, weather ur a man or woman i don't care. coz it seems in the next 100 or so years roles will be reversed then suddenly men will be oppressed like women are now and the process will start all over again to uplift men and the circle start all over again. i will rather see everyone as a human first and then a men or women later and stop discriminating either sex.