Child's burnt body found in mine dump

Johannesburg - A partially burnt body of a child was found in a mine dump in Reiger Park on Saturday, Gauteng police said.

"The body was found by a passer-by who then phoned the police. Police are now in the process of identifying the body and the cause of the death," said Colonial Noxolo Kweza.

She said police were still looking for a 25-year-old man who could help with the investigation into the disappearance of Cuburne Lavone van Wyk.

The little boy disappeared on 6 August 2014 while playing with siblings outside.

He was last seen wearing a blue track suit with yellow and red stripes.

Mrakes Ofentse 2014/08/10 07:33:56 AM
Mrakes Ofentse 2014/08/10 07:34:01 AM
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/10 07:38:50 AM
How cowardly to target kids every week news about kids being murdered raped hijacked kidnapped
Jane Dawson 2014/08/10 07:40:17 AM
Poor, poor child. Poor, poor family. Holding them in love and light xxxx
Akhenaten 2014/08/10 07:48:39 AM
Are there aliens around or could it be fellow S. Africans who are doing this. Children are to be loved and protected. Our children did not earn this. Can we please eliminate these devilish elements.
Marc Anthony Webb 2014/08/10 07:58:32 AM
We are now reaping the rewards of total lawlessness criminals have virtually nothing to fear for their sick actions...
Lefu Jacob 2014/08/10 08:03:46 AM
Our justice system is failing the entire nation.
OkbamncanOme 2014/08/10 08:04:21 AM
no words really. But touch one of the ministers' children and see. For this little kid, they only get shocked. Let's find this bastard and cut his body piece by piece and give the government some food for thought. Enough is enough. We can't keep loosing children like chickens. Never!
Terrence Schwartz 2014/08/10 08:12:37 AM
And not even six days ago the Community of Reiger Park said they were going to get rid of criminals in the area. This was at the funeral of the little boy who was dragged behind the hijacked car. So many criminals there - not going to happen. May the boy RIP (Hope his funeral will not be hijacked by the ANC as happened with the other one.)
Themba Mzukulwane Ka-Ndlavele Thela 2014/08/10 08:15:11 AM
Who do we blame?...why such brutality?....what kind of a man that bring pain and suffering to women and children.....what is wrong with South African man,or shall i say male because a man loves,provide and protects...