Circus worker attacked by tiger in Johannesburg

Johannesburg - A circus worker was attacked by a tiger in Rietfontein, Johannesburg, on Sunday, paramedics said.

He sustained severe bite wounds and lacerations to his neck and chest, Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha said in a statement.

The tiger escaped from its enclosure early on Sunday morning. The man was taken to hospital.

Botha could provide no further details on the attack. Nor could he provide the name of the circus, which he said was on Beyers Naude Drive.

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Lyn du Plessis 2014/08/24 12:15:55 PM
Is the tiger ok?
NikkiB84 2014/08/24 12:16:37 PM
Great news!
Lethiwe Motloung 2014/08/24 12:19:57 PM
Celeste Podde 2014/08/24 12:23:07 PM
Sanoléne Heydenrych 2014/08/24 12:24:39 PM
Let that be a lesson learned! STOP using animals for entertainment!!!
Steve Rogers 2014/08/24 12:30:05 PM
So the Tiger is on the loose. Oh dear, gotta call my sis
Lumkile Tyesi 2014/08/24 12:31:46 PM
Hahahahaha! Nice. How is the tiger doing though? He okay?
Cameron Nagel 2014/08/24 12:34:44 PM
Pity Tiger couldn't get to the owner of the circus..
Rhona Thompson Page 2014/08/24 12:37:45 PM
STOP ALL CIRCUS ANIMAL ACTS - it is barbaric and appeals only to the uneducated and unintelligent. When will society learn to be humane - the treatment of animals definitely influences how society treats its humans.
Vanetia Mentor 2014/08/24 12:44:40 PM
BAN ALL CIRCUSES FROM USING ANIMALS! these are wild animals not cute pets.