Commuters trapped on Gautrain

Johannesburg - Gautrain passengers were left annoyed and panicked after they were trapped for hours after a technical problem brought the train to a grinding halt.

Commuters were heading to Midrand when the train suddenly came to a stop and they were forced to wait for a rescue train for almost three hours, while the doors were closed and there was little ventilation, reported the TimesLive.

A Gautrain spokesperson confirmed that the train was stopped for technical reasons but claimed the delay was only for about 90 minutes while a rescue train was sent to pick up commuters.

Train doors were apparently opened only after a pregnant woman had a panic attack.  

Commuters said it didn’t look like Gautrain officials were properly prepared to the situation.

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madmac 2012/07/18 09:27:49 AM
did they hand out chewing gum?
Bullet Proof 2012/07/18 09:30:42 AM
Did the Gautrain electricity bill was paid in time? I forgot to pay mine some time ago and was cut without warning.
Simon Faragher 2012/07/18 09:31:11 AM
Maybe the Driver noticed someone chewing gum on his train ;-)
Gideon Joubert 2012/07/18 09:33:23 AM
2 huge problems with the Gautrain: 1. Ticket Price to the airport is extortionist and rediculious. 2. Service reliability is not up to scratch. European style train system with third-world realiability does not work!
Gareth Coats 2012/07/18 09:37:30 AM
This happened yesterday morning!!.... Geezlike News24, this is a bit like watching The History Channel lately...
Burtfred Brown 2012/07/18 09:44:23 AM
Gautrain is a fabulous train, pity it is run by BEE buffoons.
Gavin Venter 2012/07/18 09:48:14 AM
wow, this sounds like a really sticky situation, the works got gummed up !
Lulama Ndukwana 2012/07/18 09:51:33 AM
Was this not yesterday? Anyway am glad I take the early trains
Lulama Ndukwana 2012/07/18 09:53:35 AM
Oh man the lady next to the train, what a nice bum :-)
Koogan Naidoo 2012/07/18 10:00:39 AM
These "technical problems" have been happening quite often recently. I use the train daily and have already been stuck twice on it.