Convicted cop jailed for 6 years

Johannesburg - A Free State policeman has been jailed for six years by the Kroonstad Magistrate's Court for murder, burglary and the discharge of a firearm.

Constable Tokolo Puntsa Chala, 33, was sentenced on Tuesday to a total of 18 years in prison, Independent Police Investigative Directorate spokesperson Moses Dlamini said on Wednesday.

Twelve years were for the murder and three years each on the other two counts.

The court suspended six years from his murder charge and wholly suspended both three-year sentences for the other two charges.

In November 2009, Chala shot and killed his 22-year-old girlfriend, Dlamini said.

He later went to his other girlfriend's home, broke into her house and shot the girl's mother.

"The mother of his girlfriend sustained a gunshot wound to the leg while attempting to wrestle the gun away from the accused."

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Brooklax Mpundus 2014/08/06 11:49:09 PM
nice example of justice in sa....NOT. Efd up !
Abdul Hamied Ismail 2014/08/07 12:02:10 AM
I thought a criminal is a criminal??? why such a light jail term?????
Ennio Morricone 2014/08/07 01:21:25 AM
So murder equals six years in jail,.?
Tess Tessie 2014/08/07 02:05:22 AM
So in 6 years time he can shoot a few more people. How does an 18 yr sentence, which is too little anyhow become a mere 6 yrs? No wonder we have so many murderers and criminals in S A.
Ndhuma Thomas Maluleke 2014/08/07 02:05:33 AM
Murder + burglary = six years our law is a shame.
Fanelesibonge Ntombela 2014/08/07 03:38:13 AM
And he only gets six for the attempted murder charge for shooting a gf's mother, he didn't discharge the firearm for display he intended to shoot the mother. I feel for this mother. He is an ex cop for crying out loud. SA please wake up, this is a joke!
Lesia Mohale 2014/08/07 04:22:57 AM
Time has come now that the communities should stand up and fix their problems the mob way. Reading about this sounds like a dream. 2016 January he shall be back and working for a security firm.
Dennis van Aarde 2014/08/07 04:48:56 AM
The justice system don't care at all for murder after all it is none of their relatives,shame on you
Johan Opperman 2014/08/07 05:44:10 AM
A life so cheap in sa!! My fellow countrymen wake up and get anc out of power!! We are on a sinking ship!! Lets stand together...enough is enough!
Phae Rayden 2014/08/07 06:20:28 AM
Absolutely shameful conviction! And then they wonder why people take the law into their own hands. If I was the parent of the victim I'd organise a hit, because 6 years is not justice.