Cosatu to intensify Israeli goods boycott

Johannesburg - Cosatu on Tuesday vowed to "intensify" mobilising South Africans to boycott companies trading with Israel and any goods imported from the country.

The Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) would picket outside the Woolworths in Eastgate shopping mall on Saturday to condemn the store for continuing to stock Israeli products, national spokesperson Patrick Craven said in a statement.

"Cosatu is horrified by the latest atrocity inflicted on the Palestine people in Gaza by the Israeli apartheid regime when a missile demolished an entire 13-storey block of flats on Saturday 23 August.

"Casualties were reduced as a result of an Israeli aircraft firing a non-explosive rocket at the building as a warning to residents to get out of the flats, which Israel claimed had housed 'a Hamas command centre'," Craven said.

He said since the Israeli military determined which buildings it defined as Hamas bases, this amounted to a threat to demolish the entire city, and render it uninhabitable.

He said the bombings in Gaza had affected the start of the region's school year which made the children's education another casualty of the war.

"It is becoming increasingly clear that their ultimate aim is the total destruction of Gaza as a viable community."

Tuesday marked the 50th day of the conflict between Israel and Palestine in Gaza which has so far killed 2 137 Palestinians and 68 Israelis, AFP reported.

Back-to-back truce agreements which had brought relief to millions earlier this month, collapsed last Tuesday with the renewed fighting killing 116 Palestinians and an Israeli child.

Israel, which had pulled its negotiating team out of the Cairo talks a week ago, had repeatedly said it would not negotiate under fire, conditioning a return to the table on a complete halt to cross-border rocket fire, AFP reported.

Johan Van Der Vyver 2014/08/26 04:11:55 PM
This is stupid!
Louis van Ryneveld 2014/08/26 04:12:11 PM
UP, ISRAEL! Bow down, cosatu!!
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/26 04:29:32 PM
Well at least that will keep Cosatu busy for a while and out of everyone's way while we deal with other more pressing issues, like the crime in this country and need I mention it again, the corruption within our government.
proudlysa 2014/08/26 04:42:35 PM
Why don't you worry about your strikes almost putting our economy into a recession. Growth was ,6% in the last Quorter. Pathetic bunch!! You get higher increases due to strikes but then the Rand loses value so you are worse off. Get that??
Jan Grimbeek 2014/08/26 04:42:39 PM
Great also no more private clininc for these bunch, most of the equipment in hospitals and clinics originate from Israel. Look at the medicine's especially antbiotics Hahaha, read the msall print. Even think about your Bananas staple food, tge GM to make it taste like bananas and give some nutrition come from Israel. So back to the bushes where you belong, without any IT or communication devices. Morons !!
CliveK 2014/08/26 04:45:14 PM
I have read reports that the importation of safe and hygienic circumcision units from Israel has been 'put on hold' by our spineless government under pressure from Cosatu. Talk about cutting off your thingamybob to spite your face. When the next batch of initiates die or are maimed due to botched circumcisions, we will know who to blame.
Christina Setloboko 2014/08/26 04:46:04 PM
well cosatu, me say i will continue to support and buy from those stores,what about what is happening in iraq, Ukraine, Nigeria etc etc, funny that every body's attention is on Israel and gaza, but quite about what is happening around the world. goes to show how much people hate Israel and for what? hands off Israel.
Mabina Maledu 2014/08/26 04:59:54 PM
How stupid.....
Bob Mearly 2014/08/26 05:10:33 PM
COSATU only support the Palistinians because they perceive the Israelis to be Caucasian and are supported by the West. How well do Unions do in Muslim countries COSATU?
Rob95 2014/08/26 05:16:31 PM
Boycot Halal foods and buy more of Isreali products!