Couple held for abusing baby, 7-weeks-old

Johannesburg - A Benoni couple appeared in court on Monday for allegedly abusing their baby so badly that he had been left with three broken ribs, a fractured knee and brain injuries.

The baby is 7-weeks-old.

The couple were arrested at the weekend after staff at the Linmed Netcare Hospital, who had been treating the little one for bronchiolitis, noticed his injuries, The Star reported.

The child sustained a head injury which could have an effect on his development, a doctor said.

The couple was released on bail of R3 000 each, angering child rights activists.

They will be back in court on 11 July. Meanwhile, their child has been taken to a place of safety.

News of the baby’s alleged abuse comes just after it was reported that a man in Beaufort West was arrested for torturing his girlfriend’s 2-year-old child.

The man is alleged to have slapped and kick[ed] the boy in the face, burned his feet with boiling water, put a cement brick on the boy's chest and stamped his feet on it and also forced the boy to eat his own faeces.
Ngoni Mantiziba Stubbs 2014/05/20 08:41:32 AM
This is deeply disturbing. Why abuse a 7 week old baby. Some individuals are sick sick really.
Fergus Reid 2014/05/20 08:45:29 AM
Horrible horrible people. I dont understand!
Priscilla Marthenuissen 2014/05/20 08:46:15 AM
I want to weep.
Kon Tastik 2014/05/20 08:48:39 AM
take them out of the gene pool in the most painful manner possible!
Rachel Mahlahlane 2014/05/20 08:50:42 AM
7 weeks baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my word. i mean if they did not want the baby, family planning is free at the clinic . some people are sick in their minds and they are going straight to hell
Hemlock 2014/05/20 08:51:25 AM
R3000 bail each? Disgusting!!!! They should be locked up without bail. It Is beyond my comprehension how any mother or father, or anyone for that matter can abuse a baby or a child. These bastards must be sterilised and locked in a deep dark hole. Inhumane cretins do not deserve to share our planet and our oxygen!
Bri 2014/05/20 08:51:57 AM
I heard this this morning on the news. Between this lot, the mother in Limpopo and the other guy who tortured the 2 year old I am beyond devastated. These people have no right to live and walk around the community. So what that life is tough it does not give anyone the right to hurt this little people, people who trust them and they are supposed to protect with everything they are. Put them down like rabid dogs. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. all i have read on the news today is how parent abuse their children. Mother in court over toddler on highway. Limpopo Mother in court for baby's death Couple held for abusing baby, 7 weeks old. Man in court for torturing 2 year old. COME ON - HOW IS THIS OKAY!!!
Nkosinathi Radebe 2014/05/20 08:52:20 AM
Ahh....just another day in sunny South Africa. In cases like these words really fail people who want to show scum like this how society is feeling. I would volunteer to be be hangman at the drop of the hat for people like this. Sickening!!
Annerie Coetzee 2014/05/20 08:53:00 AM
Bail of R3000!!!???? Bail????? Why do they get bail!!!!! Argh, once again our wonderfull SA Justice System. WhoooooofckngHaaaaaaa!!!!!!
Vincent Mahlabane 2014/05/20 08:53:20 AM
This couples hav something wrong with them,is either are mentally unfit or are ""...they wanted to kill their child for their personal-benefits...