Cresta Mall robbery investigated

Johannesburg - Police are investigating a robbery that took place at Cresta Mall, Johannesburg, in which one person was shot and injured, the shopping centre's management said on Wednesday.

"The SAPS are investigating the incident and, together with our security advisers, we're undertaking our own investigation," manager Deborah Nathan said in a statement.

"We are also supporting the SAPS in their investigation, including providing CCTV footage of the incident."

An elderly man was shot and wounded when three armed men robbed iStore at the mall.

Police said three men entered the iStore and ordered the employees to lie down.

They took an undisclosed number of cellphones and iPads and fled the scene.

The men then started shooting randomly in the parking lot of the mall as they got away, injuring the elderly man.

Nathan said the mall had extensive security measures in place.

Assessment and an update of security measures were conducted on an ongoing basis.

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TallPaul 2014/08/14 06:47:40 AM
The police are investigating this robbery?? What a novel idea!!
Alec Cooper 2014/08/14 07:11:11 AM
"extensive security measures in place" ..... Looks like they don't work. A waste of money and time.
Arthur Salvado 2014/08/14 07:29:36 AM
This seems to be a high priority. Imagine that they have decided that this robbery is to be investigated by no less than our illustrious police force. Criminals will have no chance
Feik Mc Heither 2014/08/14 07:30:08 AM
If Apple is serious about this, they can track all those devices as soon as each one is activated. They also need to make TV & radio ads informing people not to buy any gadget without proper documentation from the Seller. The ads need to also state the repercussions. Now we'll see where the buggers are going to sell these devices.
Bigshow Man 2014/08/14 07:36:02 AM
the security at this mall is not good.its not the first time a store being robbed.last year a jewellery shop was robbed again. the mall owners should get proper security companies not guys from the traffic lights to be guards.
Interesting Thought 2014/08/14 07:56:27 AM
Apple can track them for sure, but will our useless police force do anything about it? Nope...
Derek Human 2014/08/14 08:16:11 AM
More like NO security measures in place. I wonder where security was in this case or did they go and hide.
Viman Singh 2014/08/14 09:15:20 AM
Cresta needs slow rotating doors entering and exiting the mall. This would slow the thieves down. Cresta Mall seems to be an easy mall to target, so its best that the mall change their planning and ideas regarding the security.
Johan Nothnagel 2014/08/14 09:24:41 AM
We all know...."Investigation".........THE END........
John Stoltz 2014/08/14 10:31:20 AM
Just imagine,.....the history books can be changed if the SAPS actually catch the robbers,.....and are not themselves involved, A LA SELEBI !!!