DA politicising Ebola - Motsoaledi

Johannesburg – Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has accused the DA of politicising a suspected case of Ebola, according to reports.

Motsoaledi held an urgent press conference on Thursday at Edenvale General Hospital, in Johannesburg, in response to a statement made by DA’s Jack Bloom.

Bloom’s statement came after a Guinean woman, suspected to have been infected by the virus, was admitted at Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital after going in to labour.

The woman had a high fever and she was screened for the virus.

According to The Citizen, Bloom who was the first person to make a statement on the suspected Ebola case, said the woman was being kept in isolation, adding that she would be referred to Charlotte Maxeke Hospital if she was tested negative for Ebola.

Motsoaledi said there were no reported cases of Ebola in South Africa, and that the country was well prepared in any event.

According to media reports Motsoaledi said Blooms statement sent the media into a frenzy.

Mayleen Vincent tweeted: “Minster Motsoaledi slammed DA's Jack Bloom for creating unnecessary anxiety regarding the woman from Guinea.”

Power 98.7 News tweeted: “Motsoaledi: She tested negative for Ebola...but because of the DA's statement we called this briefing.”

According to the radio broadcaster: “Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi says the DA is itching for someone to get Ebola.”

Jacaranda News tweeted: “Motsoaledi says they will never hide an Ebola outbreak in SA - it is in their interest to deal with it asap.”

Trevor Anderson 2014/08/14 07:13:22 PM
Our health department is going to get caught with its pants down. God forbid it comes here.
Tina Butler 2014/08/14 07:13:59 PM
The Ebola virus is not wearing a yellow and green t-shirt, with Zuma printed on the front. Grow up.
John Greystoke 2014/08/14 07:15:13 PM
Sounds like the honorable minista have nothing intelligent to say?
Dharmesh Dhaya 2014/08/14 07:17:12 PM
This is a deadly virus. Not for the DA to make any public statement until the facts are in. Sometimes DA party members also morons.
Tsatsi Golden 2014/08/14 07:17:41 PM
We dnt want to deal with it,because our health system is very poor, and u must also stop SAA flights to West Africa.
Tsotsibaby Kellogg's Corn Flakes 2014/08/14 07:30:20 PM
DA is racist, ANC is corrupt. Enter EFF
yash 2014/08/14 07:31:17 PM
Moron Motsoaledi is STILL Minister of Health? How? Why?
Petrus Kruger 2014/08/14 07:31:48 PM
Just when we thought we had PERSON of integrity in the Minister Motsoaledi .. you go and disappoint the nation!! be it ANC / DA / GG BB PP !
Geoff Skelton 2014/08/14 07:36:49 PM
Note he said "there are no reported cases of ebola", thus if we don't report the cases then we have no problem. Well done Mr Minister, "hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil"....
Live Life 2014/08/14 07:46:43 PM