DA tells ANC: Attacking editor won’t help

Johannesburg - Attacking Beeld editor Adriaan Basson will not make the scandal on the security upgrades to President Jacob Zuma's private home go away, the DA said on Tuesday.

"The hysterical response to Basson's opinion piece highlights the ANC's insecurity and inability to rationally explain the lavish upgrades to the president's private home," Democratic Alliance spokesperson Marius Redelinghuys said in a statement.

"The free and independent media is a watchdog against government abuse, not a lapdog that protects it from scrutiny."

The African National Congress on Tuesday accused Basson of campaigning to get rid of Zuma.

In his column on News24.com, which originally appeared in Beeld titled "How do we get rid of President Jacob Zuma?" Basson said the country needed a new leader and that Zuma could not stay on as president for much longer.

Basson: Column speaks for itself

He believed Zuma was not that leader and this was evident in his response to Parliament to reports on the R246m security upgrades to his private Nkandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal.

Basson replied to the ANC saying his column spoke for itself.

"This was not an 'intended call-to-arms' against President Zuma, but the articulation of widely held discussions by people inside and outside of the ANC who are increasingly agitated by President Zuma's failure of leadership."

ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa accused Basson of resorting to "blatant lies" about Zuma regarding Nkandla.

He said Public Protector Thuli Madonsela found that Zuma had not used state funds to build his private residence.

Redelinghuys accused the ANC of attacking freedom of expression and the media to divert public attention from Nkandla.

"The ANC must focus its attacks on the scourge of corruption, maladministration and abuse of power, and let the free and independent media play its rightful role in supporting, advancing and promoting democracy," he said.

Franky Mark 2014/08/19 06:32:57 PM
The ANC trying to dig themselves out of a hole..... Rather stand on Zuma's head and get yourselves out ! Ha ha ha
graphanex2008 2014/08/19 06:33:44 PM
I bet there are many hypocrites in the ANC top structures who secretly condemn Zuma's dishonesty but to keep their jobs they condone it.
Khuliso Mutsha 2014/08/19 06:39:52 PM
Basson forgot that he voted for DA or he is confused and frustrated that ANC is here To stay together with all its leaders in charge of government.
Made-In SA 2014/08/19 06:44:55 PM
Everybody,inside and outside the ANC.Think about this thought.Life without Zuma. Life without the Corruptor in Chief.It will be so much better. This country will never be safe before Number One and his spoilt brat child,Malema, are not both gone from the political scene. They are the ones dividing us,escalating racial tension and with them,the country will continue to rapidly decline. Speaking about Malema.He is very quiet.Did not say a word about Number One's reply.Did he change his mind about Nkandla?It would not be the first time he change his mind.
Khuliso Mutsha 2014/08/19 06:44:58 PM
Basson forgot that he voted for DA or he is confused and frustrated that ANC is here To stay together with all its leaders in charge of government.
jimzimbo 2014/08/19 06:45:33 PM
Showerhead is a an embarresment and a liability to South Africa and the ANC, always has been and always will be. We all leave a legacy, showerheads legacy will make unbelievable reading. Especially after his Presential term comes to an end!
Jon Hing 2014/08/19 06:47:13 PM
The less you cover up, the less you have to hide
Made-In SA 2014/08/19 06:48:33 PM
This following paragraph[in brackets] is out of M&G of June 6. "The protector was unable to make a finding about the president's 5 private houses built since 2009,because the president appears to flout the law by ignoring her questions." Number One had 5 new houses built since 2009 at Nkandla.In the same aricle it is disclosed only the first 3 of them had a quotation of R20 Million by Moneymine,Number One's private builder. Number One denied to the PP that he had a bond for the first 3 houses. Who payed for it then?Cross subsidy from state funds?It is most likely the case.In the current M&G it is stated that Makhanya approved R60 Million in payments at Nkandla,without properly accounting what the payments were for. So who paid for the 5 houses?
Fairness IsEverything 2014/08/19 06:48:49 PM
There are very little good qualities the ANC can show. Attacking the editor is the only response they have. The integrity of the ANC in its current form from the top down is questionable. Everything they touched in the last 8 years is rotten, corrupt and useless. And the president laughs and dances whilst the women and children of he's country is being raped and murdered
Train Shunter 2014/08/19 06:50:30 PM
If I was ever invited to have lunch with Zuma, I would have to decline, just out of principle.