DA's court bid to remove Motsoeneng continues

Johannesburg - The DA's application to have the appointment of SABC chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng set aside is expected to continue in the Western Cape High Court on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the SABC board argued that the decision to appoint Motsoeneng on a permanent basis was rational.

SABC board lawyer Ngwako Maenetje argued that the board had considered Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's findings on Motsoeneng and found no basis so far to discipline him.

"We don't regret it [the appointment]. In our society, with all the criticisms, he is some kind of example for where he comes from," Maenetje said.

The Democratic Alliance wanted an urgent interim interdict suspending Motsoeneng pending a review of the decision to appoint him.

It argued on Tuesday that Motsoeneng should be suspended as soon as possible because he is a "toxic influence" who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

"We have seen what the eighth respondent [Motsoeneng] does when he is in the position of acting COO," Anton Katz, for the DA, said.

"He must be removed today if possible. He is a toxic element running through that organisation. It is urgent in that sense."

In February, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela released a report on Motsoeneng, while he was acting COO.

She found his salary increased from R1.5m to R2.4m in one year, that he had purged senior staff, and misrepresented his matric qualifications to the SABC. Madonsela recommended that a new COO be appointed at the SABC within 90 days.

In July, Communications Minister Faith Muthambi announced Motsoeneng's permanent appointment. She said he was cleared of all wrongdoing by a legal firm before the decision was made.

The Democratic Alliance then launched a high court bid to have his appointment set aside.

Mr T. 2014/08/20 06:37:45 AM
His sin was to prove that he is one of the innovative Black COO that is capable to implement business strategic moves. Some of us can still not handle that.
Tsietsi Bhakajuju Mshengu 2014/08/20 06:38:08 AM
Why doesn't Motsoeneng do the honourable thing and resign to save us all the trouble? These people have no morals!
Bennie Boekwurm 2014/08/20 06:44:23 AM
Qualified Engineers, Accountants, Geologists, Scientists, as just some examples spent many years studying , building up credibility earn less than a quarter of what this greedy man does. R200,000 pm!!! If he had an ethical conscience he should have resigned a long time ago!
Sechaba Ndlovu 2014/08/20 06:49:32 AM
DA is fighting this corruption alone, where is my EFF now? It looks like I wasted my vote, EFF should get involved in issues like this one, pissed
Teko Mohaeka 2014/08/20 06:55:42 AM
The DA must lobby other parties to fight this war.Atleast they have defeated Panty Tlakula together now let them take the next
Roy Bennet Mmboyi 2014/08/20 07:16:15 AM
Motsoening must follow mr honarable paul jordan as example..dnt waste our time for a ussles thing...we are sick nd tired by corruptoin of anc...sis..go to hell man!
On The Edge 2014/08/20 07:17:56 AM
Maybe next time, if there's a next time, why not make your mark for the DA? Maybe then, with 51% the DA won't need other parties voice in unison! Give them one full term and kick them out if they fail... however, they need a black leader so as to prevent further racist remarks from popping up... like Thuli Madonsela... she has all the right attributes, including colour and I'd vote for her any day of the week...
André C A Jacobs 2014/08/20 07:23:44 AM
Grant I fully agree
Zieyawa Mazet 2014/08/20 07:25:37 AM
Does this Motsoeneng fool have kids? What message is he passing down to them - dont go to school and steal your way to the top? Real role models we have here.
Thabo Kgoebane 2014/08/20 08:24:13 AM
Why is the SABC wasting money it doesn't have in defending this clow? Adv.Madonsela's investigation has never being wrong. Check the Menzi Simelane saga,Bheki Cele,Pansy Tlakula now! Motsoeneng is going to loose his case also. Somebody must take responsibility for all this shinanigans and stop rewarding corrupt officials with higher positions.