De Kock challenges parole decision - report

Johannesburg - Lawyers for apartheid-era assassin Eugene de Kock have launched a new court bid for him to be considered for parole, the SABC reported on Wednesday.

De Kock's lawyer Julian Knight told the SABC the application would challenge Justice and Correctional Services Minister Michael Masutha's decision to delay De Kock's parole by a year.

Earlier this month, Masutha announced that De Kock would have to wait another year before his application for parole was reconsidered - to allow the families of his victims to be consulted.

De Kock was in charge of a police "death squad" at Vlakplaas, outside Pretoria, and was arrested in mid-1994.

He was convicted and sentenced in the High Court in Pretoria in 1996.

He was sentenced to two terms of life imprisonment for six murders and to a further 212 years' imprisonment on charges including conspiracy to commit murder, culpable homicide, kidnapping, assault, and fraud.

Now aged 65, De Kock has currently served 18 years in prison.

Mr T. 2014/08/13 09:36:13 PM
How long must they be informed that the country is not ready for this guys parole.
Nomcebo Ngidi 2014/08/13 09:47:47 PM
De Kock was given amnesty on all political related crimes by TRC and sentenced for two lifes and 200+yrs kllings which were not political related.To get parole he must do at least a quater of half a century
Lindokuhle Mhlongo 2014/08/13 10:16:48 PM
akabolele ejele lowo sathane.
Chris Bester 2014/08/14 12:02:46 AM
He Must be released!! He is going to unmask a lot of people!! Stop your racist remarks, he served his time!!
Trueza Mhlaba 2014/08/14 12:43:46 AM
De Kock, killed a lot of innocent oppressed black people only, none of them were white... Well, it is understandable and fair enough, that all white people want De Kock out of prison, the hero of the white community. What about the black community which suffered the lost of their beloved ones killed by the De Kock?... He must spend another 9 years in prison plus the 18 he cureently have, to equal 27 years in prison for the people he killed, as did our President Nelson Mandela spend 27 years of INNOCENT PUNISHMENT in PRISON
Paul Dennis Murison 2014/08/14 12:52:26 AM
Guilty no matter the colour!! He must sit for his crimes....
BlackWoman 2014/08/14 01:13:35 AM
You haven't served a minimum of your sentence..let's talk after 30 years or do yourself a favour start singing like a bird and bring others down with you...
Trueza Mhlaba 2014/08/14 02:01:29 AM
Racist = Hate by another
Takalani Tpnem 2014/08/14 03:06:34 AM
Is it possible that a man that got 212 to get parole after 18 years?. Does this applies to every one who is in jail for long sentence or is only him who is being considerd for parole.I thought 212 means 212.
Owen George West 2014/08/14 04:04:11 AM
Unfortunately not everyone was prosecuted for the crimes of the past. De Kock was the one who did not get away and is now a symbol of bearing the punishment of his and oaths crime. We cannot talk about Reconciliation if we perceive parole is applied differently to the de Kock, Shabir Shark, Jackie Selebe, Mcbride, st James, and others. These issues are already deviding our nation. Political prisoners were set free in the name of reconciliation