De Kock parole application denied

Johannesburg - Former Vlakplaas commander Eugene de Kock's parole application has been denied, it was reported on Wednesday.

The correctional services department said it would reconsider the application in 2014, Beeld reported.

De Kock, 63, was jailed in 1996 for two life terms plus 212 years after being found guilty on 89 charges including murder, attempted murder, conspiracy, assault, kidnapping, illegal possession of firearms and fraud.

In reaching his decision on parole, Correctional Services Minister Sbu Ndebele considered advice from National Council for Correctional Services chairperson Siraj Desai and two other judges, the department's deputy head commissioner James Smalberger told the newspaper on Tuesday.

"The minister decided last week that he would reconsider the [De Kock's] application in a year's time," he reportedly said.

Since December last year, Ndebele has been considering 348 parole applications by life term prisoners.

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Phill Sarefa 2013/05/15 09:33:29 AM
I forgive him wholeheartedly but I think he's too young to be released. I suggest he be released at least when he turns 70 so that he can spend his final years (God knows how many) at home, although I think if he was a friend of UJacob Zuma he would have long been released.
Nic Ikin 2013/05/15 09:34:37 AM
Yet they release other murderers after a few years. Like he is actually going to do anything when he gets out. He has served his time now.
Jacques Loots 2013/05/15 09:35:07 AM
Multipile life sentence should not be able to get parole otherwise why make it a life sentence.
Marev Audioslave 2013/05/15 09:36:25 AM
So, what's the use of a life sentence...
Thenji Ndinisa 2013/05/15 09:38:24 AM
He must die in jail and rot in hell.
Richard 2013/05/15 09:38:33 AM
Off course it was denied, he is not terminally ill.
Menzi Mnandi Phewa 2013/05/15 09:40:21 AM
all people who were given life terms should spend their life in jail as per judgement.
Stuart Lidstone 2013/05/15 09:52:11 AM
2011-12-14 21:57 Johannesburg - Apartheid assassin Eugene de Kock is to be considered for parole, the correctional services department said on Wednesday. "[The hearing] was supposed to take place today, but it was postponed," spokesperson Phumlani Ximiya told Sapa. Ximiya was not immediately able to explain what caused the postponement or confirm the new date set for the hearing. De Kock, along with fellow hit squad killer Ferdi Barnard, are among a number of inmates affected by a ruling made by the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria in July this year. It stipulates that anyone sentenced to life imprisonment before October 1 2004 must now automatically be considered for parole after serving 13 years and four months of their sentence. "The law requires that the department facilitates for the inmate to be considered for parole... It's because of that ruling that his [De Kock's] consideration for parole has been put forward," Ximiya said. He said the standard procedure for a parole application started with a case management committee compiling a profile on the inmate. The committee would hand over the profile to the parole board and suggest a direction in which the application should go.
Ernest Stripp 2013/05/15 09:54:56 AM
Yes Andre he was under Mandate from the apartheid government but you must remember the charged that stuck was the ones he initiated and did not fall under this mandate, hence he did those things cause he felt so.
Sbudafaya 2013/05/15 09:57:28 AM
True Deon