Decapitated body found in Durban stadium

Durban - Municipal workers cleaning a Durban stadium discovered the headless body of a prostitute, the Daily News reported on Tuesday.

According to the afternoon daily, Desiree Murugan's head was not found despite a search of Shallcross Stadium on Monday.

A municipal worker told the newspaper that they had initially thought the body was a doll, but once they got closer they saw flies.

"When I saw the body, her pants were down by her ankles and her head was missing," Chatsworth community policing forum member Dumezweni Dlamini told the newspaper.

The report did not state how the woman was identified.

Family members said the 39-year-old mother of a 6-year-old boy worked as a prostitute to feed her drug habit.

"Regardless of her drugs and line of work, she did not deserve to die in such a barbaric way," said her sister Jennet.

Police spokesperson Jay Naicker told the newspaper that police were following up leads.

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Tian Reyneke 2014/08/19 03:50:11 PM
F my vader weet
Pixiekid 2014/08/19 03:50:35 PM
oh man what a gruesome find!
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/19 03:54:21 PM
This is truly gruesome. Where does it end. She wasn't perhaps a witness in that Doctor's brothel case? and hence her demise.
Famida Nana 2014/08/19 03:58:56 PM
Crime in this country is really getting out of hand. The government shouldn't blame the people if mob justice becomes the norm as they are sitting on their lazy asses and doing nothing.
Valerie Small 2014/08/19 04:13:03 PM
A prostitute? Really, not a human being?
dfgdg.ytrdfgbfdg 2014/08/19 04:27:13 PM
Has ISIS arrived in SA and she didn't want to convert?
Bento Maepa 2014/08/19 04:28:36 PM
The GOOD STORY delivered to the people, pound for pound, everyday by the ANC.
boitumelo.mashoala.5 2014/08/19 04:29:56 PM
@gabz, and u know her destiny how?
Greg Karpakis 2014/08/19 04:32:09 PM
She obviously had her head screwed on wrong
Dagga Magazine 2014/08/19 04:34:51 PM
Prohibition has failed Desiree Murugan