Defence minister dodges plane ticket question

Johannesburg - The minister of defence refused to answer a question in Parliament over a claim that R100 000 was spent on a first-class air ticket for the head of the SA National Defence Force, Beeld reported on Thursday.

Replying to questions in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula said she considered it a follow-up to a previous question on oversight, and would not answer it.

The Democratic Alliance had referred to a trip General Solomon Shoke took to Malaysia with Emirates, and had asked what Mapisa-Nqakula was doing to keep costs down and to stay in line with a National Treasury directive forbidding first-class flights.

DA MP David Maynier submitted that Shoke's flight showed the department was its own enemy and wasted millions of rand, even though it was in trouble.

When Mapisa-Nqakula refused to answer, DA chief whip John Steenhuisen objected and said it was not up to her to decide whether she was going to answer a question or not.

Mapisa-Nqakula eventually said: "Yes there are cost saving measures."

The DA said on Monday it would ask the auditor general to investigate the flight issue.

Jenny Anderson 2014/08/28 10:04:58 AM
You anc are spending my money on your expensive flights, bunch of thives!!!!!!!!
Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg 2014/08/28 10:05:51 AM
The way these parasites stick up for each other is enough to make one sick.
Daniel Wessels 2014/08/28 10:07:28 AM
King Koffi 2014/08/28 10:15:53 AM
the Beeld must also investigate flight tickets costs for the DA,Why obsession with the ANC?no corruption in Western Cape?damn i will label this unpttriotic(racist nonsense)
Andre Burrows 2014/08/28 10:17:40 AM
Pay back the money Fatty Boom Boom !!!!
Chris Dobson 2014/08/28 10:23:57 AM
...But shame ....only a first class seat is big enough for that fat ass...
Tokolosh Nkosi 2014/08/28 10:25:36 AM
The more they waste, the angrier the masses will become!
Matshane Seleko 2014/08/28 10:26:05 AM
Ours is a government of arrogance,of 'bigheadedness' and of 'I am untouchable' mentality.We the average citizens have simply become elections fodder.We are told:Hold the government officials accountable.But when we try to do it,we are labeled anti-revolutionaty.
Nceba Mbane 2014/08/28 10:30:12 AM
Khutso Bokaba 2014/08/28 10:34:35 AM
She can't account for her departments waste of money but she's more interested in matters that doesn't concern her, like the EFF's actions in Parliament