Docket missing in pastor assault case

Tonga - The case against a pastor accused of assaulting a 79-year-old woman who lost two teeth as they argued over a stray soccer ball has been delayed because the docket is missing.

An argument erupted when prosecutor Frederick Mhelembe informed members from the Masisukumeni Women's Crisis NGO, who have been following the case, that the matter would not be heard on Wednesday.

"I will ask the court for another date so that I can get a chance to search for the docket as the police record shows that it is here in court," Mhelembe assured the women.
Nkuna was not asked to plead to charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

He was arrested on 14 August 2013 in connection with assaulting Ritah Khumalo,79, who lives in the same area as him.

She had gone to ask him to return her grandson's soccer ball.

He is out on warning.

Magistrate Sibonisiwe Sibuyi postponed the case to 20 August, for the docket to be found.

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Akhenaten 2014/08/07 03:52:24 PM
The pastor knocked out two teeth of a 79-year old woman because she asked for return of a soccer ball. Is it wrong if I laugh?
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/07 04:04:59 PM
No surprises there then.
sharon.dreyer 2014/08/07 04:10:46 PM
Somebody has paid for that docket to go missing without a doubt. Standard practice in our courts
Ria Cook 2014/08/07 04:35:47 PM
Just another day in SA.
Stephanes Heunis 2014/08/07 04:44:43 PM
and the praises and glory unto............ a ash for q pastor
André 2014/08/07 04:52:59 PM
The docket is in the same heap as mongoeng and jordans qualifications....non-existant
Rakesh Panday 2014/08/07 05:07:12 PM
Jeez what happened to love thy neighbor Pastor ?
Da Maffuccin Boss 2014/08/07 05:21:30 PM
what about the one who speared a young boy on the head and instantly killed him in front of church members
Nndivhaleni Mutsharini 2014/08/07 06:40:11 PM
We have had a problem of stolen police dockets for a long time. Is it that difficult to automate the process? SMH! Give me a tender!
Akhona Makuluma 2014/08/07 08:26:21 PM
God please intervene.we really reaching last day's of judgement as the b ibles prophecyed such.