Driver kills man in luxury car shop crash

Cape Town - A case of culpable homicide has been opened against a 22-year-old driver who drove over a homeless man, killing him, and crashed into a luxury car dealership in Cape Town.

The accident happened at 02:43 early on Tuesday morning, Viglietti Motors CEO Mervyn Eagles told News24.

A homeless man who witnessed the incident told the Cape Argus he heard the car, a Mazda 323, rev up and then saw the car crashing through the front of the dealership which stocks luxury cars such as Maseratis and Ferraris.

Four other people who were also sleeping in front of the dealership managed to escape unharmed.

Moments before the accident, the driver was seen leaning out of the car window, “pulling faces” and not looking where he was going, a car guard told the Argus. Just as he reached the intersection, which is on a steep incline with the dealership opposite, the driver looked ahead of him. But it was too late.

The car guard said the driver and his friend were very drunk.

Eagles told News24 that one of the showroom vehicles had also been damaged but would not mention the cost and said it was of little importance when considering that a life had been lost.

The Argus reported that the dealership’s reception area had also been damaged.

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Andre Burrows 2014/08/27 02:54:25 PM
Apparantly Tony was driving with Marius in the passenger seat.
Justin Parkinson 2014/08/27 03:15:20 PM
Hugo Liebenberg 2014/08/27 03:43:18 PM
Sounds to me like he had a great time at the Shack!
Arni Claassen 2014/08/27 04:02:28 PM
"Drive it like it's stolen". Unfortunately it was the wrong car. Ha ha ha!
Fareed Schroeder 2014/08/27 04:06:51 PM
Hope the driver gets sentenced properly as it was negligence on his side.
Tony De Waal 2014/08/27 04:18:58 PM
Old news. News 24 a bit slow?
Daniel 2014/08/27 09:59:31 PM
Well known place for cheap drinks near there - the owner of the bar and the bartender(s) should also be charged - I live near there and have seen umpteen times drunk youngsters falling around and getting into cars there
mantlekilo 2014/08/28 07:23:48 AM
The sooner people adjust their mindsets and allow themselves to adapt to a simple credo of 'don't drink and drive' the better for all. One life is lost and the other is in the toilet. The best that can come out of this situation is for individuals to realise that it's not worth it. By all means party , drink and have good clean fun, but moderate your actions. Just an idea for the entertainment/accomodation/parkade industry .... utilise unused parking, accomodation and entertainment facilities at low or no cost to create a new safer 'party experience' for your patrons. Make it a package deal...with extras. Make it work for you while giving people the opportunity to have a relatively risk free jol.
Coleen Appels 2014/08/28 08:02:28 AM
Who allowed him to get into the car knowing he is drunk. And wasnt that an attempt to steal the car seeing seeing he crashed through a window?