Ekurhuleni mayor calls for action in toddler case

Johannesburg - Ekurhuleni mayor Mondli Gungubele on Sunday called on law-enforcement officers to further scalp the mine dump in Reiger Park where the body of a toddler was found.

"What is of great concern to us as the city is that a 10 year-old was found dead in the same spot last year and we call for the law enforcement agencies to take a particular interest in that mine dump to put this evil practice to halt," Gungubele said in a statement.

Gauteng police were on Sunday trying to identify the partially burnt body the child. It was not known yet if it was the body of Cuburne Lavone van Wyk, who disappeared on 6 August while playing outside with siblings.

"We are still busy with the process of identifying the body," said Colonel Noxolo Kweza.

She said the process was likely to be completed sometime during the week.

The body was found on Saturday by a passer-by who informed the police.

At the time, Kweza said police were looking for 25-year-old Katleho Phoku known as "Chicken" who they think could help with the investigation into the boy's disappearance.

Gungubele appealed to the community to help police in finding those responsible for the killing.

He said the city would provide social workers to the family and would assist in the burial of the child.

This was the second incident of crime in the area against children in space of two months.

Four-year-old Taegrin Morris was killed in a botched hijacking in Reiger Park on the East Rand last month. Hijackers who had just forced his family out of their vehicle drove off with him still hanging out of the car, trapped by his seat-belt. The hijackers left the car abandoned several kilometres away with the dead toddler inside.

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Adie Masana 2014/08/11 07:36:52 AM
It is very sad for another toddler's life to be taken by an evil one. RIP peace little one
Johan Van Der Vyver 2014/08/11 07:48:03 AM
How does one scalp a mine dump ?
Johan Nothnagel 2014/08/11 07:54:05 AM
Oh my soul !!!! Do we have to "wait" for a call of the "mayor" to call for action ? People, its time we fight crime ourselfs and stop paying their salaries........
Catherine Theron 2014/08/11 07:57:36 AM
When small children disappeared and found dead, who's fault is it? It is the parents fault. There is simply no other one to blame, but the PARENTS. It's a mother who don't look properly after her children or a father. The hijacking is totally different. You cannot compare it with children who went missing. Everytime i see a woman on tv sitting there when her child went missing, i want to strangle her. Not nice what i've said now, but it's her fault. Little children should be looked after. You don't let them play outside alone, you don't let them walk alone' you don't let them visit others and sleep over, unless you are 100 percent sure about it all. Small children are your responsibility. Period.
Ek Jou Gese 2014/08/11 08:11:57 AM
why was this toddler playing in the street?
Catherine Theron 2014/08/11 08:28:18 AM
i agree. There should be no crime. But unfortunately there is some people with unhealthy brains. Sick people in this world. And south africa is full of them. Crime running high, murders. A sick world with sick people.
Jurgen Hartmann 2014/08/11 09:23:37 AM
Why do these photo-opportunity, self important little anc types like the clown Gungubele always open their big mouths far too late and to state the obvious? Why didn't Gungubele do something about the disused mine dumps and the violent crime around all the dams on the East Rand, long ago? As part of his job instead of seeking photo opps....
Marc Anthony Webb 2014/08/11 10:12:59 AM
The spate of Child Murders highlights the decay this coutry is going through...Law and order and respect for law is long gone the time for talking and pacifying the criminal few has come and action must be taken.Plain and simple we need to set up labour camps if the death penalty cannot be reinstated and they can be worked to death...
Eyes TO See461 2014/08/11 11:32:49 AM
Takj, talk, talk but nothing is ever done. You do not fool me anymore. You do not care about your citizens, South African government so please stop pretending with all your prentntious talk. Last month it was the same when everyone was horrified by what happened to Taegrin. I read of upset people and politicians talking about what happened to this poor poor little boy and his family and all sorts of syrupy words like the little boy's death "united" South Africa. But you know what, South Africans by their thousands marched against Israel in Cape Town. Yet I read of not one march against what happened to Taegrin and thousands of little kids like him. Why do you mobilize yourselves against Israel yet you care not about your own citizen's murders? Why do you strike for higher wages and better working conditions yet you tolerate the brutal murder of farmers that happens every day? Because you are not a nation, South Africa and you do not love each other. You are many nations but not one. A house divided will fall.