Executed US reporter was with Anton Hammerl in Libya

Cape Town - US journalist James Foley, who was apparently beheaded by Islamic State militants, was with SA photographer Anton Hammerl when he was killed in Libya in 2011, and said he would "regret that day for the rest of my life".

According to AFP, US officials said they believe a video posted online showed Foley being executed. His family confirmed his death on a webpage created to garner support for him after he was captured in Syria nearly two years ago.

Foley had worked in a number of conflict zones and the danger did not stop him from doing what he loved, AFP reported. He was captured and held for six weeks while covering the uprising in Libya in 2011.


During that time, he saw his colleague, South African photographer Anton Hammerl, being killed by forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Foley said in an interview afterwards that he tried to pull Hammerl's body out of harm's way, but was turned back by heavy fire.

"I'll regret that day for the rest of my life. I'll regret what happened to Anton. I will constantly analyse that," Foley was quoted as saying.

Another journalist who was captured with Foley and Hammerl in Libya, Clare Morgana Gillis, wrote in a blog that she helped Foley put together an auction at Christie's to support Hammerl's children. Foley befriended his widow and asked "How can we help?"

Foley said in 2011: "When Anton was with us he spoke with such deep love for his children. We feel unable to rest without being able to try and help his children in some way."

According to the Cape Argus, Hammerl's widow, Penny, paid tribute to Foley on her Facebook page, and offered condolences to his family.

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Adrian Baillie-Stewart 2014/08/20 04:13:02 PM
Bygone is the era of safe journalism! Very sad this report is. :-( Let this report be one of many, offered in memoriam of all journalists who've been killed in the line of performing the duty of their profession: to keep the world informed! RIP Mr. James Foley (and the Late Anton Hammerl) ... and each and every nameless other hero and heroine too.
Freedom Gama 2014/08/20 04:16:42 PM
its sad way to die, we pass our condolences too
VaPunungwe 2014/08/20 04:17:16 PM
The Americans went into Afghanistan in the 1980s and that created Al Qaeda. Now they have gone into Iraq and that has now created the Islamic State. The way things look, similar terrorists are gonna come out of Libya and Syria. Do Americans love manufacturing situations that create terror groups? Or are they simply the proverbial bull blundering around the China shop? I think the root cause is that American policy makers are so, so ignorant of other cultures, yet they have this arrogant holier than thou air about them such that they don't listen to advice. American ignorance is creating a huge disaster for this world.
SunshinyDay 2014/08/20 04:22:37 PM
It is terrible what people do to other people, how they impose themselves on others, kill them because they think they are better (the irony).
David Jones 2014/08/20 04:26:45 PM
The execution of Foley is extremely barbaric. Very sad and may his family be strong
June July 2014/08/20 04:33:46 PM
ISIS is evil.
Maphoka Mokutle 2014/08/20 04:34:32 PM
That is sad and very barbaric. Sad for both journalists
God-frey Mokgonyana 2014/08/20 04:39:39 PM
So sad!
Rob95 2014/08/20 04:43:30 PM
Boycot all halal foods and ban Islam.
Mohammed Salajee 2014/08/20 04:44:46 PM
Where's the justice ??????wen the same thing happening in Palestine by the israhell's kidnaping women front of their kids murdering the pregnant beheading babies. Don't be double standard.Pray to the one above to bring peace & harmony