Farmers will be compensated - Mantashe

Johannesburg - Farms will not be taken from owners without compensation, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe said on Wednesday.

"If your land is sold it will be for compensation," he said in response to questions from commercial farmers in Johannesburg.

"Your farms will not be grabbed without compensation."

He said the fears of commercial farmers and the aspirations of emerging farmers needed to be dealt with and balanced.

"All South Africans must have access to land. What the ANC will not do is out of fear, do nothing. It's about overcoming fear."

He said government was subsidising development, and not inefficiency, as stated by one farmer at the event.

Mantashe said farmers developed at different paces by taking different routes.

"Small is a stage in development. We must not be angry with being small. You will grow," he said.

The "mentorship" of emerging farmers by commercial farmers was to help others and themselves.

"We co-exist, black and white, we are neighbours. It is about talking with neighbouring farmers," Mantashe said.

"In the process you get value, something that will take you four years to learn in college."

The mentorship must not be for money, he said.

"It's about helping each other."

He said agriculture had to create wealth.

Quoting former president Nelson Mandela, Mantashe said no one was born hating each other.

"Everybody is taught to hate. Our duty is to teach you to love each other, appreciate each other. Everyone wants to succeed," said Mantashe.

"Then your project will be a project of love, it's as simple as that."

Hennie van Deventer117 2014/08/13 02:47:55 PM
Just don't plant your chickens too close together
G man 2014/08/13 02:52:11 PM
For all the badness of the past 5 years, the ANC is the only party in the whole of Africa that seems to understand the peaceful way forward on the land issue. Not that I support them (anymore) but good on Manteshe.
Akhenaten 2014/08/13 02:52:26 PM
Nothing wrong with buying the farms from the present owners. Aspirant farmers should then study at agricultural colleges and thereafter still be assisted on the farms and have access to financing as you cannot start farming without money. This should therefore be done over time so that we do not lose on production meanwhile.
Bri 2014/08/13 02:55:41 PM
i like the way they use the words TAKE and GRAB as though it is normal.
Made-In SA 2014/08/13 02:57:14 PM
Commendable words.Just keep your promises this time please.We have to help each other. But don't take away from people who had farms for generations and who put their blood,sweat and tears into building it up and who is producing the food we eat,just to give it to people like Thandie Modise ,who are not farmers at hart ,but want to have it as a status symbol.
Anina Naude 2014/08/13 02:58:55 PM
Where are the farm schools to teach black farmers what to do?? Get the children involved and ask them if they want to farm.... Its working your butt off from before sunrise to sundown. Making sure your animals are fed, your crop is watered and your farm workers are happy! No waiting for a salary at the end of the month! Maybe once a year or if you are lucky twice a year if you are successful you will be rewarded.... Not for sissies!
Hank Thetank 2014/08/13 02:58:58 PM
And give the farm to who? The ANC might as well build RDP houses on the land cause that's all it will be good for.. The farmhouse, any crops, animals will all be gone / eaten within a month It's the African way.....
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/13 03:02:04 PM
Compensation will clearly not be very much at all. This bunch are not a full bucket of chicken so I would not take too much of what the Mr M says to heart.
Boitumelo Monareng 2014/08/13 03:02:32 PM
are we all happy now?
Lin Browne 2014/08/13 03:02:51 PM
Really so being "compensated" (sorry I saw how they did THAT in Zim) will replace the livelihood of many farmers who don't know how to do anything else and the hard work they have put into making their farms as successful as they are, through all the drought and flood? Really? Then you'll give it to someone who doesn't have that kind of experience and then they will plant 4 mielies and some beans, so that in 5 years time we are importing our food from Swaziland. Nice.