Farmworkers kill man with oranges

Johannesburg - Two men have been arrested after they allegedly assaulted a farmworker with oranges until he died on a farm outside Tzaneen, Limpopo police said on Wednesday.

The men, aged 27 and 30, were taken into custody on Tuesday, said Lieutenant Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe.

"Babanto Chauke, 38, and two men had a quarrel, the two [allegedly] started throwing loose oranges at him until he died."

The men were Chauke's colleagues at Lakota Farm. They would appear in the Tzaneen Magistrate's Court on Wednesday, Ngoepe said.

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Shaun van der Merwe 2014/08/20 11:12:49 AM
Living in a backwards country has its moments.
truthbetold221 2014/08/20 11:13:32 AM
1001 ways to die, the original.
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/20 11:17:25 AM
What a juicy story. But how totally frikking sick. They must have really pelted the poor man. May he rest in peace and let the murdering scumbugs rot in hell for their deeds.
John Madhiri 2014/08/20 11:17:29 AM
He must have been in very close "o"range
Stephen Townshend 2014/08/20 11:20:10 AM
Obvious witchcraft is obvious.
Likhoejane Phalima 2014/08/20 11:30:28 AM
Instead of eating oranges they use them as weapons to kill on if them. I give up??
Marc Potgieter265 2014/08/20 11:31:00 AM
Orange you glad you know the juicy story. Not very apeelin'
Letics Vidual 2014/08/20 11:31:22 AM
1000 ways to die! Number 962 : Orange Juiced
Bento Maepa 2014/08/20 11:39:33 AM
The deadliest oranges ever.
Pamela Mika 2014/08/20 11:43:01 AM
Arg shame man, poor Babanto, ish must have hurt.. Just when you think you have heard it all