Fatal head-on collision on N2

Johannesburg -Two people died and four others were injured when two vehicles collided head-on on the N2 outside of Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, paramedics said on Thursday.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha said a man and a woman were declared dead at the scene.

The injured were taken to hospital.

The cause of the accident was not known.

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Douglas Ross 2014/08/22 07:46:09 AM
Can't wait for cars to become autonomous, not just will it stop accidents, but try hijacking a car when its set to drive to the police when hijacked.
Janet Mcdonald-Belstead 2014/08/22 08:03:44 AM
As per the report on Public Servant News Network Eastern Cape (Facebook), an impatient vehicle overtook another and ended up head-on into another vehicle. The mother of the person driving the vehicle that was being overtaken gave a report on PSNNEC. Impatience and reckless driving was the cause!
Thina Mapipa 2014/08/22 08:33:21 AM
Theo Konings 2014/08/22 09:27:23 AM
I used to drive down to East London from Cape Town every three months to visit my elderly mother. As soon as you enter the Ciskei all road rules go out the window. People drive like its the wild west. I had one idiot overtake a line of cars going down a curve to the left on a double white line and he must have being doing twice the speed limit. From the beginning of the Ciskei till the other side of the Transkei you have to drive extremely defensively.