Five die in Middelburg accident

Johannesburg - Five people were killed and a woman was critically injured when two cars collided and caught fire on the N4 near Middelburg, Mpumalanga, on Wednesday afternoon, paramedics said.

"When ER24 paramedics arrived on scene, they found the two light motor vehicles in the middle of the road well alight. Provincial fire services were on scene busy fighting the fire," ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring said.

"On assessment, paramedics discovered that four people from one vehicle and one person from the second vehicle had unfortunately been burnt to death."

The woman, believed to be in her 40s, was in a critical condition and had been pulled from one of the burning cars by a tow truck driver.

"Paramedics immediately began their treatment of the patient, providing her with advanced life support for her severe injuries," Meiring said.

"Once her vital signs were stable, she was transported to Middelburg Hospital for urgent medical treatment."

The cause of the accident was unknown.

Police were investigating.

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Kuhle Sikota 2014/09/03 08:46:46 PM
the only thing i hate about living is watching or hearing about people who are dying everyday. i would say for no reason. what about their families those people were cared for. it saddens me
lacrimosewolf 2014/09/03 08:57:24 PM
So what's it going to take, people of South Africa? What is the critical mass of dead and maimed before we say 'enough'? 5, 55, 505? I've reached the point where I can't even say "sorry for yourloss", "RIP" or the many platitudes people write EVERY SINGLE DAY. The usual accusations and hypotheses will follow. We drive like there's no tomorrow. We drive on bad roads, in unroadworthy vehicles, unlicensed, drunk, drugged, overloaded, with poor eyesight, with utter selfishness and with rage. We care less because we find no value in our lives or the lives of our fellow citizens, our neighbours, our children. We're such a schizophrenic nation - rushing to donate and protest for people in distant lands whilst our own are decimated every single day with barely a murmur.
Witus Matukane 2014/09/03 09:25:50 PM
Horrific scenes, I was stuck in the traffic at the scene of accident coming from Nelspruit.
Jennifer Easley 2014/09/03 11:36:56 PM
My friend's sister was the survivor. Tragically, she ended up passing away at hospital. Please pray for all the families involved. Just such a tragedy.
Khabo Thandiwe Khumalo 2014/09/04 01:31:41 AM
Is N4 another version of the Moloto road aka killer road? This is very sad, our brothers and sisters die on this road every single week...?? Condolences to the families involved, you're in our prayers.
Ester Brink 2014/09/04 08:49:04 AM
I just want to say THANK YOU to the very brave Tow Truck Driver for trying to save my sister. That was really heroic and I guess you must have burns too. If you read this - it will be lovely to hear from you. Also I want to say that we are not mad at anyone, just sad and broken... Thank you for all the encouraging words.
Eduard Keller 2014/09/04 09:38:35 AM
I knew two of the occupants well. We're all shocked beyond belief. May they all rest in peace. My sincerest condolences to the families.