Foreigner found dead after police raid

Mahikeng - A Nigerian man was found dead in Rustenburg after a drugs raid on a house, North West police said on Tuesday.

The alleged assault happened on Monday, said Brigadier Thulani Ngubane.

"It is alleged that police went to the victim's house searching for drugs... and allegations are that the man was assaulted by police after the search," he said.

Later, officers from the Rustenburg police station were responding to a call about public violence when they found the body outside a house.

"The deceased was found lying on the ground with white foam coming out of his mouth with no physical injuries on his body," said Ngubane.

A case of murder was opened and referred to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) for investigation.

"At this stage the information is sketchy to confirm if indeed the deceased was assaulted or murdered by police," said Ngubane.

"The outcome of the investigation will confirm or rescind this allegation. The police will co-operate and allow Ipid to do their investigation."

The cause of the 37-year-old's death was not yet known.

Argie Kgomo 2014/08/05 11:33:21 AM
He would have still be alive if he didn't cross the border.Stay home and be safe.
Obadia Kgopolo Segwape 2014/08/05 11:37:35 AM
cause of death DRUGS
Sitch Nkululeko N 2014/08/05 11:41:14 AM
Which means that this will be another 3 years to no case investigation or lack of evidence so no police will be charged case...That's how they roll in government.
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/05 11:42:56 AM
The headline is wrong first when i read it it is if the police are implicated only when you read then you get the true story would of been beta if the heading was....DRUG DEALER FOUND DEAD SUSPECTED OF SWALLOWING EVIDENCE
Willem Proost 2014/08/05 11:45:49 AM
Almost certain Nigerian citizen ,still not good for image of police BUT before we condemn our police let wait for full story and evidence to back up allegations
Leo Bargiacchi 2014/08/05 11:54:24 AM
1001 ways to die....swallow the evidence!!!!
Nox Noxy 2014/08/05 11:54:36 AM
Minus one rubbish
Mark Wade 2014/08/05 12:09:46 PM
so sad ... a suspected dealer dead .. oops .. guess he should have peddled his wares in Nigeria ...
Heinrich Adams Adams 2014/08/05 12:28:08 PM
1 down about 2 million stil 2 go!
Zandile Legae 2014/08/05 12:36:05 PM
Good, they should do that with all drug dealers, force feed them the drugs they sell, get a taste of their own medicine. Rapists should have their shlongs cut off, murderers should be murdered, if the law in this country was 'an eye for an eye' there would be no such thing as crime!