Foreigners' shops looted in Daveyton

Johannesburg - A number of shops owned by foreigners in Daveyton have been looted, Ekurhuleni metro police said on Wednesday.

"Criminal elements organised themselves into small groups of between six and 12 people and went and looted different shops from around sunset yesterday [Tuesday] until around 21:00," Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago said.

"Police could not get to all the shops at the same time, we could only get to some. So for those shops we could not get to, the residents themselves protected the other shops being looted."

No injuries were reported and no arrests made.

Kgasago was unable to say exactly how many shops were looted.

"It calmed down overnight and this morning [Wednesday] it was fairly quiet," he said.

"Some of the rocks that were used to blockade roads yesterday have been removed. There is free passage to motorists to enter and exit Daveyton."

However, some intersections were still blocked.

Kgasago said a meeting between protesters and officials was scheduled for Wednesday to try to resolve the issue.

Another meeting was planned for Thursday.

The protest began on Monday when residents tried to illegally invade land and erect shacks but were prevented by authorities.

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Johan H B Booyse 2014/08/20 08:31:32 AM
And it continues...
forest gump 2014/08/20 08:31:36 AM
i dont normally think of myself of a racist but when things like this happen my mind automatically springs to what i perceive to be the backward mentality of many black south africans.
Mapule Maph 2014/08/20 08:34:16 AM
Thugs hiding under protests
Cyril Thabo Makwakwa 2014/08/20 08:37:50 AM
I don't get the relavancy of all this madness, you can't loot foreigners shops just because you were removed from a land you illegally invaded. These criminals should be in jail.
Akhenaten 2014/08/20 08:38:00 AM
Xenophobia, no plain old burglary and theft by those who want everything for free.
Warwick Railton 2014/08/20 08:40:07 AM
Where's the liberal media outrage?..................that's right, too bust worrying about face paintings.
Penny Borelli 2014/08/20 08:46:56 AM
Andrew MacDonald 2014/08/20 08:52:05 AM
haha this n24 is such a sh i t purveyor of news. it seems these invaders were stopped because that land has been earmarked for another community. and the anti zuma signs the protestors are holding bear mentioning too. but lets rather focus on a student who paints her face black or some garbled rubbish spoyuted by a halfwit like zizi kodwa comrade comrade comrade blah blah..
Emma Sanderson 2014/08/20 08:52:22 AM
No arrests made? It is time for the police to start doing their jobs. How do we expect this behaviour to stop when there are no consequences?
John Adams 2014/08/20 08:57:38 AM
HOOLIGANISM,plain & simple,wht has looting foreign owners shops got 2do with illegal land invasions???