Former Cape cops in court for brutality case

Johannesburg - Two former police officers filmed allegedly kicking a naked Nigerian man are expected to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate's Court on Monday.

Warrant Officer David Gunn, aged 43, and Warrant Officer Gerrit Januarie, aged 46, were charged with assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Gunn was dismissed following a disciplinary hearing and Januarie resigned before disciplinary action could be taken against him.

In March, a woman in a building in central Cape Town used her cellphone to record a Nigerian man being assaulted in the street below. The video clip went viral on social media after it was posted online.

It showed two police officers handcuffing the man, watched by two men wearing neon-yellow city safety unit vests. One of the officers removes the man's pants, leaving him exposed in the road.

The footage shows the man being punched and kicked in the groin, while his arms are pinned to his sides.

The two were released on R1 500 bail each.

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Nukesta 2014/08/18 05:51:38 AM
What happened to the man that was beaten?
Bob Mearly 2014/08/18 06:57:49 AM
Byron Pienaar 2014/08/18 07:16:26 AM
If a person steals, rapes or kills, their human rights should be revoked...they don't need to be treated equally as doing crime shouldn't be treated lightly
Jhide Onanuga 2014/08/18 08:01:12 AM
SAP needs to know that the law is for everyone including SAP. Whosoever breaks the law should dance to the tune of the law. Breaking the law they are upholding can never make them good and innocent
Matome Lucky 2014/08/18 08:19:02 AM
As much as you media houses focus more on "police brutality" cases. Do you also follow up on the cases where suspects shot and killed cops, or the police's life is not that important?
criticallyhonest 2014/08/18 08:37:42 AM
Sometimes the only way to deal with scum is quick and dirty. Hoping to do it the long way round through courts, evidence and judgement is definitely more civilised, but not always effective (in fact in SA it is rarely effective. But, to do it in public view is really not very smart, and that is my quick judgement on the cops. Did the Nigerian deserve it? Don't know because I don't have the facts. But I really would like to know what the Nigerian did to provoke.
Viman Singh 2014/08/18 08:38:51 AM
Now if every police officer had to carry out their arrest this way, we would be living in a safer country. I believe any person who commits a crime such as rape, murder, child offenders, armed robbery, and asault should be treated without human dignity. There human rights should be removed as far to often we see children, mothers, business people, polices killed. Our cities are exploding with crime. Its time we, thr people walk the streets withoit any worries
Dagga Magazine 2014/08/18 09:37:18 AM
Jhide Onanuga 2014/08/18 09:47:23 AM
People should know how to express themselves in the social media not to open their mouth to say things that are not good. How can anyone say Nigerians are only in South Africa to sell drugs? We have Nigerians that are doctors and in other professions . It is just to generalize that all male South Africans are murderers and they rape. What is wrong is wrong, don't let us support what is wrong
Ffubu-pc Ffubu 2014/08/18 11:54:25 AM
Niggerian did nothing wrong It up to zap to tzue the blame to alow them n the buyer to....