Free State govt: We paid R40m for website

Bloemfontein - The Free State government paid R40m and not R140m to have its website redesigned, the provincial government’s director general said on Monday.

Director general Elzabe Rockman signed a three-year contract to redesign the website in 2011, the Sowetan reported. But Rockman has disputed this amount, claiming R40m was paid.

The agreement was signed with businessman Tumi Ntsele, who reportedly holds tenders with several other provincial departments.

The company was awarded the tender even though two other companies allegedly submitted significantly lower bids.

Etienne Bruwer, owner of web development company Jam Factory, told the newspaper the amount charged for the website was “ridiculous”.

“The company that is working on that site is probably making R3.5m profit a month,” he said.

Bruwer said the most paid for a website was R12m, by financial institutions which needed to protect sensitive information.

Ntsele told the newspaper opposition parties had an agenda against black businessmen and that the website’s cost was fair.

The website is powered by Wordpress which is a free blogging platform and according to developers is based on a theme called “London Live Wordpress Theme” which costs only $40.

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dkh.khuzwayo 2013/03/04 02:43:49 PM
Deny, deny, deny! Blah, blah!
David Luis 2013/03/04 02:45:07 PM
And R40M for a website is reasonable?????????? bunch of corrupt thieves!!!!!!!!!
Eugene Brink 2013/03/04 02:45:19 PM
I want in on this. I'll design the next one and only charge R39 mil!
Beastley 2013/03/04 02:45:35 PM
Criminals - This country is rife with criminals from this thief to the dirty police to the corrupt presidency. What an abomination !!
Wike Mood 2013/03/04 02:45:36 PM
and once again the public take it in the bum.
kalabafazi 2013/03/04 02:45:52 PM
"Ntsele told the newspaper opposition parties had an agenda against black businessmen and that the website’s cost was fair." When reasonable arguments are lacking... Play the race card!!!!!!! Because a white man can sell you a web site for, at the most, R12 million, but a black man charges, for the sake of this argument, R40 Million, doesn't mean the opposition has an agenda against black people. What it really means is that the anc ministers are letting that tax payer get ripped off!!!
Craig Ellis 2013/03/04 02:46:18 PM
Hope the people of South Africa are waking up to the fact that "their" government is robbing them blind!
Michael Atkins 2013/03/04 02:46:30 PM
I could have charged R3m for this whole job, including substantial content preparation and user training, and still considered myself to be earning above the odds.
Sarah 2013/03/04 02:48:35 PM
Isn't it a money-laundering scheme?
Musa KamaShobane 2013/03/04 02:49:52 PM
Lies, lies and damn lies. This confirms how our tax monies are being abused. Website for R40mil, do they think we are stupids?