Funeral twerking group goes viral

Johannesburg - A video featuring a group of young women twerking alongside a friend’s open grave in Soshanguve has gone viral, City Press reports.

A mourner shot the video and loaded it on to YouTube – and it’s become so popular an enterprising businessperson created a DVD that sold like hotcakes for R10 at taxi ranks in the area and neighbouring Mabopane over the festive season.

The video shows the women, wearing matching skintight dresses, twerking, dancing and kicking their legs up in the air. Loud music is blaring and other attendees are cheering them on.

One of the girls can be seen shaking her backside until her short zebra-striped dress creeps all the way up to her waist.

She pulls it down and it creeps up again until she gives up, revealing a pink g-string and her booty. She even tosses her leg up in the air for good measure. Her group members applaud and all is seemingly in good fun.

Residents on the streets of Soshanguve and Mabopane where City Press went looking for the funeral twerkers, said the women were well known. One man, who wanted to be known only as Michael, said the women “provide us with entertainment in ­taverns. They arrive at a tavern and strip for us. There’s nothing wrong with making a living by wearing short numbers,” he said.

Another man, who called himself Madoda, said he attended the funeral last September.

“I just went to the funeral because I know of the girls and their reputation. I knew something was going to go down, and it did.”

Although the funeral twerking was a one-off thing, Madoda hopes he will be posthumously treated to a similar show. “The girls live near my place, so when I die they will be twerking at my funeral. Just imagine that!”

Another Soshanguve resident said: “What those girls did went beyond what gangsters usually do during funerals, which is spinning their cars and shooting in the air. The most wicked things happen in that section.”

Sakkie Jamneck 2014/03/16 03:45:13 PM
And exactly how is this news?
Arnold Niemand 2014/03/16 03:46:12 PM
Pert of the reason we fork out millions in child grants..
Busisiwe Ndlovukazi Purity Shabangu 2014/03/16 03:49:00 PM
Wow immoraility... Funerals are now turned into celebrations.. Jesus come get your children!
Go-Getter G Munyai 2014/03/16 03:57:10 PM
Double date laced with hate we should be starting to pray for judgement day.
Laetitia Kotze 2014/03/16 03:58:22 PM
Ag nee siesa!!!
Bovic Ivanov 2014/03/16 04:01:43 PM
Nkalanga Muzi 2014/03/16 04:09:19 PM
Ja ne
Soula Foord 2014/03/16 04:10:13 PM
I am a broadminded 52 year old female bur found this vile.
Msemarah 2014/03/16 04:10:21 PM
“I just went to the funeral because I know of the girls and their reputation. I knew something was going to go down, and it did.” Lmao
Martin Bekker 2014/03/16 04:12:00 PM
Ok,,dying for a party,,