Girl, 13, raped, stabbed, left to die

Durban - A 13-year-old girl was raped, beaten, stabbed seven times and left for dead by a man whose advances she had rejected.

The girl, who was not identified, managed to walk half a kilometre to her home near Dududu in KwaZulu-Natal after her nightmare ordeal, reported the Daily News.

The orphan told her brother that the man who had attacked her wanted her to be his girlfriend, but she had turned him down.

The girl was taken to hospital in a critical condition, but her condition had now stabilised.

Raped before

Her brother said it was not the first time his sister had been raped.

He said he had only recently found out that a relative had raped his sister six years ago.

"We only found out last year. He was only in [custody] for two weeks before being released on bail and now this. It’s going to destroy her,” he said.

The traumatised brother was deeply upset. “He [the attacker] had stabbed her seven times and beat her up. She said that he had initially raped her and left, but he must have realised that she knew him and that is when he came back and beat her up again before stabbing her. It really has hurt me,” he said.

“I still cannot believe that after all her trauma she had still walked home to get help. It’s really hard to think that he had left such a young child to die after he had done wrong.”

A man had been arrested in connection with the rape and assault.

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Johan Van Der Vyver 2013/05/15 09:23:45 AM
Castrate him!
Ann Murray 2013/05/15 09:24:20 AM
The first word that comes to mind is "animals", but then even animals do not behave in this manner. Karma is going to have revenge on these evil-doers one day and it will not be a pretty sight!
Mukiibi Dennisz 2013/05/15 09:25:19 AM
Again, the accused will be granted bail, South Africa should wakeup, otherwise...........
Michael Van Den Berg 2013/05/15 09:27:45 AM
Seriously...fck this government for this new SA they've created. BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY!
Cane Corso 2013/05/15 09:28:59 AM
Make them work in chains for life, until they drop dead. That way they feed and clothe themselves and the poor and you don't become a murderer. Better ways of dealing with the scum without becoming just as immoral by executing them.
erneyb 2013/05/15 09:30:30 AM
Any man raping a child under the age of 15-years and found guilty in a court of law, should automatically receive the death penalty.
stephan.butler.14 2013/05/15 09:30:50 AM
What does Zuma have to say? Umm I didn't know. It doesn't happen is South Africa.
Pertunia Ms-k Dineo 2013/05/15 09:31:40 AM
so sad,i wonder when will de government do something about dis.
G.I Jane 2013/05/15 09:34:29 AM
So sorry for the child.ANC will condemn it and will be shocked.Hopeless clots
Rezaan Petersen 2013/05/15 09:35:39 AM
Sick PIG!!!! Punishment for this animal should be 10 times worst!!! #disgusted.