Girl bleeds to death in horror accident

Durban - A young girl has bled to death following a freak fall at her Chatsworth home.

Tashnee Singh, 9, was so excited about her brand-new school uniform - the first her grandmother had been able to buy her - that she kept taking it out and looking at it in her grandmother’s wardrobe mirror, reported the Sunday Tribune.

She apparently lost her balance last Tuesday and fell into the mirror, severing major arteries in her chest and right shoulder.

She was rushed to hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

"She lost too much blood… Our girl lost too much blood,” said the girl’s distraught grandmother, Violet Pillay.

“I didn’t know what to do to stem the flow of blood. I was scared I’d aggravate her injuries if I touched her,” said the grandmother.

Tashnee's 14-year-old sister became hysterical when she saw the blood gushing from her.

Pillay was raising the two sisters after their parents became destitute five years ago.

“Her death has devastated me. I cared so much for her. I am forced to accept that nothing I do will ever bring her back."

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Verusha Singh 2013/01/21 08:40:27 AM
This is extemely sad. RIP little angel.
Zumba 2013/01/21 08:41:17 AM
Very sad story.
Jakes71 2013/01/21 08:43:54 AM
Sincere condolences to the family.
BrainCandyCPT 2013/01/21 08:47:04 AM
Agge no, man! That's just terrible. Siestog.
Sue-rita Fortuin 2013/01/21 08:50:02 AM
aai jinne shame man!...but y do they only tell the story now.
Trevor Pietersen 2013/01/21 08:52:52 AM
So sad...RIP little one
Cathy Kreunen 2013/01/21 08:53:48 AM
Oh no, that's awful! Condolences to the family, hope granny will be strong thru all of this.
mapepaki 2013/01/21 08:53:51 AM
Gosh what a sad story, to her family deepest sympathies on their terrible loss.
Thelma Rosy Labuschagne 2013/01/21 08:55:08 AM
My her soul rest in peace, this is truely so sad.
George Frangs 2013/01/21 08:55:40 AM