Govt: Delivery protests more violent

Johannesburg - There has been an increase in violence, threats, and intimidation against councillors in Gauteng during service delivery protests, the co-operative governance department said on Wednesday.

"The province also lost over R70m in social facilities destroyed during the violence," MEC Jacob Mamabolo said in a statement.

Councillors from Gauteng municipalities attended a two-day conference on Monday and Tuesday themed "Building popular democracy and people's power".

Mamabolo said the department wanted to discourage "the apartheid culture of violence" that had taken root in communities. He said differences could be resolved through discussion.

"The culture of violence stifles development in our communities and must come to an end. Clinics, schools, libraries are not public enemies, then why should they be targeted whereas they are intended as instruments of bringing much needed help and support to communities?"

He said no amount of anger could justify the destruction of community assets.

A review of ward councillors' effectiveness would be conducted.

"We have noted that there is some level of public distrust in elected representatives and we cannot effect a radical social and economic transformation if we do not change the way government works and relates to society," Mamabolo said.

Forty-six women had graduated after completing the women councillors' skills development programme, he said.

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Jenny Anderson 2014/09/03 11:51:49 AM
This a hangover from the 80 and 90, anc encouraged this kind of behaviour and now its biting you in the BUMS
Douglas Ross 2014/09/03 11:56:57 AM
Well they protest, the government doesn't do anything, so they become more violent to get more attention. If the government starts doing their jobs and deliver what they promised they will see less protests. Either that or tell them you voted for empty promises and that is what you are getting so grow up
Alan Kennedy 2014/09/03 11:59:02 AM
anc has actively promoted "the struggle continues" - even the history taught at schools glorifies the "proud tradition" ...
Gregory Jaftha 2014/09/03 12:12:06 PM
Quite amazing how govt only address violent protests in gauteng but promote it in the western cape
Isaac Moitsanape 2014/09/03 12:14:16 PM
ANC wake up. Just deliver you know during apartheid we used to torch schools to fight the government, now its you in government the struggle continues. Until people see change in their lives you will never see these riots. If you dont listen to the masses you will see smoke all the tym. Just stop corruption and deliver finish and klaar.
Marcel John 2014/09/03 12:21:38 PM
The dilemma of "African democracies" is that their leaders will never discipline their people...why? Because if they discipline them they will lose votes which means that they cant stay in power to steal the money...this cycle will keep perpetuating itself till everything falls apart and that is why there are so many banana republics all over this continent...FACT
Lorraine Golding 2014/09/03 12:24:55 PM
If these people destroy property, they should be made to pay for it. Instead of then getting services, they should be left behind in the queue. It is time that barbaric behaviour is stopped in its tracks and the participants should face the consequences. Bring in the army if necessary.Also when the strikers destroy and loot the Union should be made to pay for any damages. Protests should be conducted in a civilized manner and also note you cannot be allowed to protest for services you have not intention of paying for.
Biker_SA 2014/09/03 12:28:44 PM
Nku Entsho 2014/09/03 12:29:32 PM
How can the ANC deliver? All the wealth and land is in the hands of the white minority, thanks to Nelson Mandela. The ANC Nelson Mandela foolishly agreed that the anc government should inherit the apartheid foreign debt. Now no money for service delivery.
Joan Mbele 2014/09/03 12:34:40 PM
Its too late for ANC to deliver. They waited too long to speed up delivery services. After 20yrs of democracy we still have bucket system, we still sees shacks every 2km when u walk in Soweto. Foreigners own RDP houses. Some South Africans have 2 RDP houses in Gauteng n Eastern Cape cos their administration is poor.In Soweto people a not paying rates n taxes n yet they a driving most expensive cars. They a building double storeys n yet they still owe. Who cares? No followup when they set polices n bylaws. They do not want to hire unemployed people to b green police. for enviroment. Bylaws a ignored in the township. ANC is getting votes from people who doesnt know politics n their rights. The favorite blackmailing statement from ANC. "DONT FORGET WHERE YOU COME FROM" HAHAAAA.