Govt official fired over R60m fraud

Johannesburg - A senior official for the public works department has been fired after allegedly paying more than R60m to contractors to renovate houses for government ministers, The Star reported on Monday.

Noloyiso Ntwana, a former director in the department, had breached the procurement policy and appointed an unregistered quantity surveyor, the paper reported.

The charges related to events after Jacob Zuma became president in May 2009. Houses for Cabinet ministers were available but needed to be renovated.

An investigation was carried out by the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) in 2011, which linked her to the fraud. She did not attend the disciplinary hearing.

Ntwana approached the Labour Court to try and stop the charges being brought against her but failed.

Phillip Masilo, legal adviser of Public Works Minister Thulas Nxesi, confirmed to The Star that SIU evidence was used to prosecute Ntwana.

Masilo said a similar investigation was being carried out in Cape Town into the renovations of 10 ministerial houses which cost the department around R100m.

Ntwana did not respond to queries by the newspaper.

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Steven Francisco 2014/08/04 08:36:24 AM
Fired ???wtf don't politicians go to jail in tjisr country anymore
Wimpy Van Der Westhuizen 2014/08/04 08:36:30 AM
and the masses still vote anc
Sudesh Jagernath 2014/08/04 08:37:51 AM
Odd. No mention of any criminal action!!!
Siyanda Peter 2014/08/04 08:39:09 AM
I hope she gets prosecuted in court because fraud is criminal offence.
Mario Kleynhans 2014/08/04 08:39:23 AM
What about Jordan for falsely stating he has a doctorate?
KevinKing 2014/08/04 08:40:40 AM
HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well played! Very well played! I can hear the snorting at the gravy troughs. The ministers keep their mansions well a lone scapegoat takes one for the team. Luckily he is still set for life.
Craig Harrison 2014/08/04 08:40:57 AM
Thing is,.....if it was me in any of these countless troff feeding frenzies,...I be out of Dodge and enjoying my illegal gains on some beautiful island. Why they always stay around to get caught is beyond me,..........greed, when is enough enough: NEVER APPARENTLY!
Nick Garas 2014/08/04 08:41:35 AM
Come on folks!!-what is 60m rand? these knuckleheads go into the billions-give him a break!
Gary Goddard 2014/08/04 08:41:49 AM
Last time I looked, fraud was a criminal offence. Maybe not in SA!!
Language Girl 2014/08/04 08:44:37 AM
Is anybody surprised ?