Govt to stop racism in SA education

Pretoria - Government will implement several measures to stop racism and discrimination in educational institutions, Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande said on Thursday.

"Ideally, we would like to see a charter on social inclusion. Every institution must have it, based on this policy. Racism is still a problem," he said, presenting a draft policy on social inclusion in the post-school education and training system.

"We thought that as we reflect on our 20 years of democracy, it is time that we pull this [policy] into a document. We have never had such a comprehensive document that guides all our institutions."

The social inclusion policy framework is intended to encourage constructive dialogue on issues including admission policies of universities.

The draft framework would be published in the Government Gazette. The public was urged to send comments to the higher education department.

Nzimande said a survey found "racism and patriarchy" rife in institutions of higher learning, including universities.

"I will take this to Cabinet. I want the institutions, when they report to us, to include reports on how they are dealing with these matters. Those who are not doing enough, we will call them to account."

Asked if the policy would not infringe on institutional autonomy, Nzimande said racism should be defeated in the same manner apartheid was combated.

"I believe in institutional autonomy, but our policy as government talks about both institutional autonomy and public accountability.

"Institutional autonomy, by the way, is not inherently progressive. You may find a university that defends its institutional autonomy in order to pursue racism, separate residences. When you intervene, it says 'institutional autonomy'."

He said the policy's intention was to ensure that educational institutions recognised and promoted integration, human rights, unity in diversity, and human dignity.

"We must not allow institutional autonomy to be a refuge for political scoundrels. We must not allow anyone to use institutional autonomy in order to pursue a pervert political or social agenda."

Exclusionary practices were having a negative impact on some students' academic performance, he said.

Once approved, Nzimande said the framework would serve as a guide for all public educational institutions falling under his department.

He said institutions should nurture students to prepare them for a positive role in a democratic South Africa.

Biiza M Herbert 2014/08/21 07:07:53 PM
toby ita not even about that we are tired of this racism dont need marks to be lowered to pass thats just bull.besides ur kids get given answers for exams
Neil Hopwood 2014/08/21 07:09:59 PM
Fiddlesticks, what a load of poppycock! Each and every individual in this Country has had a fair chance at education since 1994. An entire generation has gone through from grade 1, to Matric and into tertiary education and you're still complaining and not satisfied. You know why? Look further than the points of your noses and see where you've screwed a system that was working, and still can, up in it's entirety. This ANC Government always has to find a way of blaming somebody or something else for their own incompetence.
Craig Morrison 2014/08/21 07:12:13 PM
The more you force the issue the worse it will become.
FrancoisYolandi Van Der Merwe 2014/08/21 07:16:07 PM
He must take time off he busy schedule talking Bollie and visit some of our schools...It is the black children causing havoc at school and always disrupting classes...Their disrepect for school laws comes directly from their parents...
rorypreddy 2014/08/21 07:18:26 PM
Bahaha....bunch of idiots
TrueBlue 2014/08/21 07:23:42 PM
At, shame! He has to DO something! He gave the ANC the Commie support, how little that may be, and he was given a very uncommunist, extremely well-paid job. But, it's a position with very little influence except that he has managed to diminish the status of our universities. The other unfortunate thing us that he us surrounded by intellectuals whose intellect makes his Marxist intellect appear dwarflike in comparison.
Joe Gomes 2014/08/21 07:27:18 PM
How about fixing EDUCATION first and sorting out the real issues!!!!
John832 2014/08/21 07:30:20 PM
Praise the Lord, at last our government has started to acknowledge the ludicrous racism and inequality in our Universities!!! Thank you Dr. Blade Nzimande. So when can I try enroll my white son into an SA University again??
Kevern Upton 2014/08/21 07:30:29 PM
Government, stick you quotas up your @ss!
Jaco Wium 2014/08/21 07:35:55 PM
Twenty years of being in charge, suddenly a light bulb dimly shines in someone's head: "hey, let's stop racism in education". If we're lucky, a new idea may appear in about 150 years: "hey, let's raise the standards of education". The latter is perhaps a too revolutionary idea for the present lot in charge.