Griekwastad killer to be sentenced

Kimberley - Sentencing of the 17-year-old boy found guilty of killing the Steenkamp family on their farm near Griekwastad is expected in the Northern Cape High Court on Wednesday.

On 27 March, the court found the boy guilty of the murders of Griekwastad farmer Deon Steenkamp, aged 44, his wife Christel, aged 43, and their daughter Marthella, aged 14.

They were shot dead on their farm Naauwhoek on 6 April 2012.

The boy was also found guilty on a charge of rape of the girl and lying to the police.

During the last proceedings in June, Northern Cape Judge President Frans Kgomo listened to final arguments by the State and the defence.

Prosecutor Hannes Cloete submitted the boy's ability to manipulate others was his danger to society.

Cloete urged the court to look at the crimes in earnest and the injuries caused to the victims and others.

The State further urged the court to look at the merits of the case.

The boy's legal counsel Riaan Bode asked the court to consider the boy's young age.

Bode submitted that every child was unique and the boy could still make a positive contribution to society.

He asked that Kgomo also consider running the sentences concurrently.

Mclung Onelung 2014/08/13 07:00:29 AM
Committing a crime of this magnitude at age 17 shows this boy cannot contribute positively to society. It is sad to see this :-(
mabandla.mkhize 2014/08/13 07:13:47 AM
did I read right (the boy could still make a positive contribution to society)by killing and raping? lawyers always amaze me, why cant we use lethal injection if we're scared to hang criminals?
Jana Cloete 2014/08/13 07:21:07 AM
Sleg etter! now THIS is pure evil. Killing one's own mother and father and sibling! and raping his sister?! One sick human being. He should rather be hunted and condemned the way Oscar Pistorius is.
Graeme Musto 2014/08/13 07:36:27 AM
There is no reason for this person to exist any more
Graeme Musto 2014/08/13 07:36:28 AM
There is no reason for this person to exist any more
Hemlock 2014/08/13 08:59:34 AM
He has already killed 3 people.....he does not deserve any leniency. Lock him away for the rest of his life. He is an inhuman cretin!
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/13 09:16:41 AM
Sad to see this. But he must do the time for his crime. At his tender age, he probably will never be rehabilitated back into society. It is a shame. But he must unfortunately serve the sentence, as should all the criminals.
Lwandiso Slovas Mtokwana 2014/08/13 10:52:28 AM
sentence him to life without parole and transfer hm to polsmor and serve atleast 10 yrz
Mclung Onelung 2014/08/13 07:54:34 PM
What happened in this boys life to commit something like this!? Something must have happened or triggered something. Don't and never will know. When I was 15 all I wanted to do was kick a rugby ball around a field....and kick a ball I did :-)) People are quick to judge the guilty party, and yes I agree justice must be served. Are we ever looking for the truth behind this to avoid future incidents like this? I don't know where to start