Griekwastad teen in jail for at least 10 years

Kimberley - The teenager who was sentenced to an effective 20 years in prison after being found guilty of killing a Griekwastad family in 2012, is likely to serve at least 10 years in prison, according to a report.

Volksblad on Friday named the teenager as Don Steenkamp, as he turned 18 and is no longer a minor.

Other newspapers and media organisations also named him for the first time.

Steenkamp was found guilty earlier this year of killing his father Deon, 44, his mother Christel, 43, and his sister Marthella, 14, as well as raping Marthella and of defeating the ends of justice by lying to the police.

On Wednesday, Northern Cape Judge President Frans Kgomo sentenced him to 20 years for each murder, 12 years for rape, and four years for defeating the ends of justice. The sentences will run concurrently, so he will spend an effective 20 years in prison.


An advocate told Volksblad that in terms of the Correctional Services Act, Steenkamp will have to serve at least half of the sentence before he can apply for parole. This does not mean that he will automatically get parole, but that he cannot apply before then.

Factors such as his conduct in prison will also be taken into account.

The president of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces, Dr Llewellyn Curlewis, told Volksblad that he doubted Steenkamp will be considered for early release before he has served at least 15 years of his sentence.

He added that the sentence was very fair, as the judge had taken into account his youth, and was letting the sentences run concurrently.

John Stoltz 2014/08/15 12:02:56 PM
Now 10years are enough to make a person change his evil ways!! We trust you will come out and make a positive contribution to society, and live a decent life afterwards!
Zuma Etolls 2014/08/15 12:04:01 PM
Hang this scumbag in public.
Mc Apple 2014/08/15 12:10:20 PM
Bloody hell, why don't you give him a golf bag as well.
Emma Sanderson 2014/08/15 12:11:26 PM
No one who committed murder (unless in self defence) deserves parole ever. Murderers, rapists and paedophiles do not deserve to see the light of day. They deserve to be punished, very few prisoners can be rehabilitated. They should be busy doing hard labour. Prisons should be self sufficient, grow their own veggies, solar electricity etc - they should cost the tax payer the bare minimum. They do not deserve the right to vote either. What decent political party would even want convicts votes? No one cares about the victims rights they took away from them. In this country we protect criminals and don't look after hard working and honest citizens. Everyone has rights but where do they take responsibility? We need to pay prison wardens more to root out corruption. The only way to limit crime is to make criminals fear jail sentences - no criminal in SA is fearful of going to jail and the consequences thereof and therein lies the problem. Our police could barely solve a game of cluedo. It would seem only major media cases get solved. How many of us have cases outstanding that we didn't even get feedback on? Too many of us. The standard of the police training has severely deteriorated consider all the cases of police personnel killing their partners. Are the required tests done at entry level sufficient?
Will Homeby 2014/08/15 12:13:05 PM
10 years for a triple murder as well as rape. Life without parole should be a more appropriate sentence.
Sabeer Mahomed 2014/08/15 12:18:01 PM
Only an atheist would believe that jail is a punishment and it ends there
Neo Dipheko 2014/08/15 12:20:51 PM
It has been obvious from day one who the teenager is ....
Gina Swart 2014/08/15 12:27:15 PM
Disgusting - 10 measly years for killing his family, and raping his own sister before killing her. What is the justice system coming to?
Leon E Young 2014/08/15 12:35:09 PM
He should have been shot.DEATH TO ALL murderers and rapists!
Searcher SA 2014/08/15 12:36:50 PM
10 Years ?? What a degrading final slap in the face for the deceased. This pathetic sentence is a crime on it's own.