Hate speech pamphlets found at NWU - rights group

Johannesburg - Pamphlets inciting violence against Afrikaans people are being circulated at the North West University (NWU), AfriForum Youth said on Monday.

The organisation's national chair Henk Maree said it came across a pamphlet on the university's Potchefstroom campus.

The pamphlet read: "Attention comrades. Time to take back the NWU. Kill the boer, Kill the racist, Kill Afrikaans. Uhuru anakuja [Freedom is coming]".

"This pamphlet contains clear hate speech against Afrikaners and Afrikaans speaking students, and it incites people to commit racial murders," Maree said.

He said the organisation has sent a letter to the university and the SA Human Right Commission (SAHRC) to request an urgent probe to confirm who the individual and organisation that distributed the pamphlets.

SAHRC spokesperson Isaac Mangena said he was not aware of the letter.

"We are not aware of this matter... By the end of the today [Monday] there was no complaint lodged with the SAHRC."

The university said it would comment on the matter later.

In March a task team was set up to investigate the stiff-arm Nazi-style salutes allegedly used during an initiation of first-year students at the Potchefstroom campus in February.

In May, vice chancellor Dr Theuns Eloff stepped down. He was replaced by Prof Dan Kgwadi.

In June the university said the report was completed and was being deliberated on by the university council.

The Higher Education Transformation Network uploaded a copy of the task team's report to the internet in July (Part 1 and Part 2).

At the time AfriForum Youth said it was concerned about the university's future following statements reportedly made by Kgwadi at a press conference.

"Kgwadi straightforwardly told the media that now is the time for transformation and that no initiation will be tolerated," Maree said.

"Transformation is [the] ANC's politically afflicted idea. Transformation cannot be forced, and if it is indeed forced, it will surely lead to [an] uprising among students."

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Akhenaten 2014/08/05 05:21:58 AM
Playing with the Lion' tail.
On The Edge 2014/08/05 05:46:32 AM
@Hunadi, Hitler was!
FrancoisYolandi Van Der Merwe 2014/08/05 05:51:47 AM
Why don't you show your face Hunandi...Then we'll bring it on...
On The Edge 2014/08/05 05:52:32 AM
@Nketle, plausible and if relevant, then my post still applies... to jail with those responsible...!
Amlino Jivan 2014/08/05 06:01:45 AM
Havent we heard that same statement from a certain new party before....hmmmmm and who else says comrades...
FutureMan 2014/08/05 06:08:54 AM
Its only racist if white people do something remember, example i say All Zulu`s are inferior to Xhosa, see thats super racist, but if you market death and violence against an entire an entire group of white people its cool. Im just flippen impressed that they didnt make any spelling errors on the flyer.
On The Edge 2014/08/05 06:19:23 AM
Oh, so you know who's involved here Nsele...? Nah, I didn't think so... The mindless propaganda continues unabated... Just to reiterate, what happened in the past happened and no one approved of it however, here you are today justifying the exact atrocities but against whites and this makes it right! Will the scales of justice become balanced one day once you've had your revenge or will there be retaliation? Now go quietly, sit down and ponder what I just expressed as it is in all fairness, your best opportunity to come to your senses! And lastly, should you succeed in ridding SA of whites, do you really think it ends there? Africa has taught you many lessons, why not learn from them...? I.e. blacks on blacks is the order of the day and you are all being fooled by propaganda! Period! Have at it, this bed of nails is al yours to lie in.... hmmmm, pricks, doesn't it...
Enig Ma 2014/08/05 06:33:34 AM
To be stopped and forgotten. No need to p1ss our panties about this. The lunatic super racist fringe makes out such a small percentage of the student population, this is irrelevant. Most of us have a bigot living inside us, but almost no-one would support these idiots.
Shawon Tiltman 2014/08/05 06:37:02 AM
Thought blacks couldn't be racist. .eish from my experience they are the most racists thieving backbiting nation on earth ..Africa is one of the most mineral rich continents in the world....eish but they can't stop taking bribes and starting wars to line their own pockets....screw the masses living in it ...maybe in 200 years it might come right...but l won't hold my breath. .
Wimpy Van Der Westhuizen 2014/08/05 06:37:25 AM
its not the SAHRC its the SABRC (South African Black Rights Commission) Krwadi wannabe prof. time to step down