House collapse: Bodies ripped in half, counted twice

Johannesburg - The number of people killed when a house collapsed in Alberton on Monday has been revised to seven, from nine, Ekurhuleni emergency services said.

"Two bodies had been cut into two and thrown apart so each half was counted as one body," spokesman William Ntladi said.

He said the bodies were cut at the waist.

Eight people were injured and taken to hospital.

A back of the house in the Meyersdal Eco Estate in Alberton, south of Johannesburg, collapsed while builders were working on it on Monday morning.

The rubble could not be seen because it was the back of the house. Journalists were not allowed near the scene.

Ntladi said the structure had to be inspected to determine if it was safe.

He said there were two contractors on site when the accident happened. One of them said there were 24 builders.

At 18:30 the search was called off and would continue on Tuesday.

Earlier, journalists were denied entry to the upmarket estate. Later in the afternoon, after hours of waiting outside, they were finally ferried inside in a minibus taxi.

At the entrance to the estate non-residents were questioned about their reasons for being there before they were allowed in. Some were turned away.

Louis Van Den Elst 2014/08/18 09:46:00 PM
Sad for the loss of the people. This should never have happened Where are all the good builders did this happen due to cutting corners ,the contractor should be charged
Wayne Gemmell 2014/08/18 10:00:52 PM
I can't believe they are leaving those people over night. Bring in the spotlights and get them out.
Andries Kopo King Shai 2014/08/18 10:30:44 PM
Quite a shock. Though I am happy for editors to delete comments. Especially if they are racist. Sexist. Insulting Because I see we have all grown tendency of just racialistic about anything. Or this comment thing should be removed all together. I am not attacking anyone
Liz Fivaz 2014/08/18 11:40:19 PM
Who was the structural engineer? Who was appointed as the building contractor and who took short cuts? And .... Please don't blame the earth quake!
Hennie Bezuidenhout 2014/08/19 03:10:37 AM
What happened to "headcount"?
Denton Fourie 2014/08/19 05:09:38 AM
This happened because our health and safety culture at work are too laid back in SA!
Caitlin Snaill 2014/08/19 05:38:21 AM
Construction giant companies don't wanna pay,dey using cheap labor,cheap material risking lives in the name of profit... Bibeing NHBRC inspectors etc
Victor van der Merwe 2014/08/19 06:08:04 AM
Ekurhuleni Metro now in Joburg.
Reiner Bunger 2014/08/19 06:21:33 AM
I also need 2. But this race thing is tough. Taxis, corruption, BEE, Julias, Zuma, crime ....bla bla bla. It's hard not 2 attack. Need 2 work on myself.
Vincent Meiring 2014/08/19 06:59:40 AM
Sad... Who was the owner of the building company??? Someone who studied into building and done vast practical experience?? Or an NHBRC registrated builder (who become a builder after paying your subs) - I'd like to know, because all these money seeking builders gives us a bad name, and laws become stricter for the real builders...