I am complying with Sars - Malema

Pretoria - EFF leader Julius Malema is complying with the provisional sequestration order against him, he said on Monday.

Speaking to journalists outside the North Gauteng High Court, where the provisional order was extended to 1 December, the Economic Freedom Fighters' leader said he came to court to see the extension granted.

"We want to put it on record, like we did in the past, that we have settled the matter with Sars," Malema said.

"We agreed, on top of what they've sold from me, I shall put [an] extra four million [rand] and then, the first instalment, was rather I should pay one million."

Subsequent to that, he needed to pay R500 000 every month, with the SA Revenue Service (Sars) taking R30 000 from his salary every month.

"Now, I am complying with all those agreements I've reached with Sars," Malema said.

In May, Malema's provisional sequestration was extended and the matter was postponed.

Malema has previously admitted he had not attended to his tax affairs the way the law required. According to court papers, Malema owed Sars R16m, plus interest, after failing to submit tax returns between 2006 and 2010.

In February, Judge Bill Prinsloo ordered that Malema's estate be provisionally sequestrated.

A final sequestration order would affect Malema's political career, as he would no longer be allowed to serve as a Member of Parliament.

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Daniello Tshipi Nkone 2014/08/25 11:39:15 AM
Thats a true leader, proud of you Juju
Michael Nell 2014/08/25 11:39:43 AM
30k off your salary, how much does he earn? wowee
Themba Zubzz Mbhoma 2014/08/25 11:43:27 AM
Juju u have balls, zuma plz do the same.......
Beaulah Fortuin 2014/08/25 11:43:50 AM
At least he's trying to pay back the money, unlike you know who
KevinKing 2014/08/25 11:45:51 AM
Is SARS saying that he was earning over R8 million per year between 2006 and 2010 as ANCYL leader?
FUZZY 2014/08/25 11:47:03 AM
He reminds me of Al Capone with his tax evasion
Piletso Smith Takalo 2014/08/25 11:48:26 AM
These goats want to investigate who the donors are. Thataaaaaaaa CIC Thathaaaaaa. I am glad he is cooperating
Tersia Louw 2014/08/25 11:51:06 AM
Where're you getting the money, Juju?
Duane Morris 2014/08/25 11:54:23 AM
He says he is for the work man and the poor why doesn't he spread the wealth. How much did he have to make to owe the stars that much
David Dave 2014/08/25 11:58:34 AM
Dankie Juju,u proved us wrong u never stole the money u just owe tax like any business man,thanx 4 your cooperation with SARS,who cares about who's paying 4 Malema's tax,its none of our Business,love or hate him his here to stay,SA Politics will never be the same.